Friday, March 18, 2011


Today is 'yellow' in the color rotation challange.
Although I have ton of outfits with yellow in them in my spring list I only had this one for the current season. Which was perfect actually so not complainning.
This was inspired by Krista from enSYTLEpedia. Krista does post outfits but she also provides amazingly applicable fashion tips and finds.

So, yes obviously she is 9 months pregnant and yet looks amazingly stylish. Isn't it a great idea to tie the belt above her belly. Shows you can wear belts even when pregnant! The idea of pairing a bright yellow cardigan on all black and adding cognac belt and boots was a great idea. And I own similar items in every category so it was easy for me to replicate from my own closet.

To add a bit of color I decided to go with the blue stone necklace. I was going to double it with a gold one but I could not find my gold necklace anywhere which is odd cause everything is in place. So I added the gold earings instead... 

Decided to move inside to get better colors but the fireplace is causing the photo to be busy, oh well... 

Yellow Cardigan - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Black Dress - from a beach boutique
black tank (worn under) - target
Black leggings & necklace - Forever 21
Boots - Via Spiga
Earings - Guess

Today's Activities: My daughter was not feeling great this morning and just wanted to cuddle and sit so even though we were all totally dressed down to our shoes and ready to go out I made an executive decision to stay in instead. We put on a movie and all cuddled under a blanket and also gave her some tylenol. Of course within half hour she was totally fine but now it was too late to go anywhere so we decided to go for a walk instead and my mom came from her work appt to join us. Afterwards payed in the backyard then had lunch and naps. While they napped mom and I sat and had a cup of tea and got caught up. My friend stopped by to get some styling advice for an event for her new dress.
After naps we went to the indoor play area just for a little while before driving north to have dinner at my 2nd cousin's house. My husband met us there. Of course the kids took no time to find each and everything in their condo that was not kid proof from blind cords to swivel barstools to fireplace to fabric covered chairs and couch. But it all worked and we all had a great time.

Here are the kids blowing bubbles with Grandma: 

My daughter looks up to me... She is wearing my childhood outfit that my mom saved... 


  1. LOVE the yellow sweater with the black and cognac accents! Looks great. Something I too can definitely replicate :)

    Also think it's adorable that your mom kept your childhood outfit. My mom kept my sister and my clothes too. So now I can dress my two girls in our matching outfits!

  2. I like the pale yellow cardi! I also like your accessories. (Found you from Spinning Threads)

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. I love the whole outfit, but especially the cardigan. Your daughter is so cute! :)

  4. I think I told you how much I love your boots, the outfit is great but the boots and necklace are 'stealing' the show.
    your daughter look very sweet and even sweeter wearing mommy's clothes, I love the idea.

  5. I love the association of colors : bright yellow and browns white the black !

  6. Owwww she is so cute
    and the colors are beautiful

  7. i'm so flattered!
    i was just starting to scroll- through and saw your first pic and thought, she looks hot! love the outfit AND your hair is looking super sexy!

  8. Great boots!

    I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you please follow me back?
    thank you :)

  9. Nice use of yellow. Way to go on Color Rotation.

    A few months back I asked opinions on if I should wear a belt with my dress and people said no because I looked like I could be pregnant because that is what they thought pregnant people did. So I didn't really do it. Oh well.

    I almost wore blue and yellow but I wore blue and orange so I did not.


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