Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am switching GREEN with ORANGE today in the Color Rotation Challange due to St. Patrick's day.
My inspiration came from Lady Selenite of Le Vaisseau Sélénite blog.  She has amazing style so please check her out.

I totally like her outfit more, especially her skirt. Although I love my skirt too, I just like her skirt more in this outfit. I forgot that she wore bunch of long pearls before I got dressed and took these photos. The pearls would have been so cool.
I am not sure about these tights. Green leggings might have been better or lighter matt blue tights. Mine ore more teal hue. I do like that they subtly pick up the blue flowers on the cardigan.

I added this broch which has light blue flower on it for some vintage look charm. The bead bracelets also add a bit more lively color. 

This cardigan is also super old and I haven't worn it in years. It is from the time when twin sets were trendy, it has a matching knit tank.  

Isn't it always the case when you don't care about your hair it looks super cool. I am having one of those days. 

The trick: DRY SHAMPOO
 After reading in multiple articles how versatile dry shampoos are I bought one last night and used it this morning.

First of all it give your hair that 'matt' look which is the new thing apparently this coming season as opposed to 'shiny' hair.
Another it does though is gives your hair a lift. Especially if you lift up the top layer and spray on the roots.
And lastly of course it does clean your hair a bit and gives you one extra day. And my hair always looks best when it is dirty so I might be able to use this to extend my hair wash frequency from every 2 to every 3 days may be.

Back to my skirt. I so love this skirt. It is very soft and comfy and lined. The lenght is perfect for wearing it with kids. And I love the way it makes me feel wearing layered ruffled lace. :)

Cardigan - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Green top - Newport News Catalog
Lace skirt - Tara Jarmon for Target
Teal tights and broch - don't remember
Ankle socks - we love colors
Boots - Steve Madden
Bracelets - hand made by my friend and the colorful one is from a street fair

Today's Activities: My lovely Thursday mornings. We had a nice breakfast with eggs since we are not pressed for time. My daughter loves scrambled eggs. I then let them run a mock with carrying tiny cups of water in her teaset and serving tea for each other. Just took a few towels to dry everything but they had fun. We finally got ready and made it to swim class. I am now even graduated to sitting at the side of the pool. Before I had to stand right where they waited in the pool as the instructor took each kid one at a time just in case my daughter goes under. But, now she behaves and I can sit on the side instead. As I was watching them today I even gave myself a quick manicure all the while chatting with the mommy of the third girl in their class. Talk about multitasking.
We came home for a nice soup lunch and they went down for naps.
This afternoon we'll be hosting a playdate at home. Then my best friend is going to come over for dinner and after the kids go to bed we are planning on doing a twilight marathon as we barrowed the DVDs from my sister. Of course we both have seen each movie at least twice and I have read all 4 books more than I like to admit. But it is fun cause we'll talk 70% of the time.

 My daughter laying on our bed as she is upset I didn't allow her to come out to the balcony while I was taking my photos. The railing is too wide apart and freaks me out.


  1. i love the way you get inspiration- the hats you ordered look fabby :) i stuck to orange, wish i'd swapped to green :( fab outfit- i wish i'd been braver with my tights today x

  2. Hello Daphne ! Oh my god, how can I thank you ?! I'm honored to have inspired this lovely outfit ! I love the way you associate the colors, it make me feel like wearing colors more intense !

  3. The skirt tights and boots together make such a cute 'trio'.
    The skirt is adorable.

  4. Daphne! What a fantastic skirt! I'm in love with it! Also, love the color of your tights! Selenite is amazing!

  5. Can't wait to see it and thank you.


  6. I like color of the tights with it - I wouldn't change a thing! Adore that skirt. I have a great tank from the Tara Jarmon for Target line that is fabulous!

  7. This is one of your best outfit!!!Love the combination of colors!!!

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  10. Ahh adorable children! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. My daughter is about to be 2 in May! I also love dressing up and being a mommy :)

    Sometimes its hard to look cute when you have a million other things to do but I try my best and you do a pretty good job too!


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