Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt

I wore this outfit the first half of the day to the Easter Egg hunt and lunch at our friend's house. I wish the weather was warmer for this weekend but no luck so had to settle with combos that have layers.

Everything but the lace/tulle ham tank is pretty new. This is the skirt I got from ruche. I love the ice blue color and the comfy length and that cutout pattern. The ruche site also had a very similar striped cardi like this one but I found this at F21 for half the price.
The vintage looking low heeled peep toe oxfords are also a great find from F21. Love the grey color too.

I always like how the ruche website uses a lot of silk flower pins in models' hair. Not sure if mine looks perfect but I didn't have time to fuss with it with our 9 AM departure this morning.

Blue skirt - Ruche
Cardi & Heels - Forever 21
Lace ham tank & flower pin - Charlotte Russe
Earings - Thread Show
Ring - gift from Mom

Today's Activities: Got the kids all dressed up for an easter egg hunt this morning. Met our friends at the park and had them get some energy out at the playground at first.
Our girls' age group (2 and under) was first. My son patiently waited on the sidelines for his turn. She loved collecting eggs and exchanging them for candy. Liked the choclates and the jelly beans. Then it was the boys' turn (3-4). Amazingly my daughter sat on the sideline long enough for me to take a few photos of my son and hubby collecting eggs.
We then had all our kids eat some of the candy then run it out. But the playground was so packed that it was overwhelming trying to keep an eye on the guys. We decided no restaurant even the most casual one couldn't handle our group so one of our friends that live very close offerred to have us over while the husbands went and got some great burgers. Kids loved hanging out together and playing. I love now that our 3.5 year olds are actually playing together.
We also had a big event today: My daughter gave up all her pacifiers to the Easter bunny and is quitting cold turkey. Not sure who is sadder us or her. At first she thought it was all funny. By nap time she realized how devestating this was and cried for a very long time. By night time we no longer 'gave' the paci's to the bunny but the story now goes the bunny 'took' all her pacifiers! Going to be rough couple of days.
At least she did nap and she did go down at night.
We were too tired to do anything else this afternoon so hung out at the house. Kids played with play dough and I did laundry.

Waiting for the first age group to start their egg hunt... 

See how crazy it is. But of course this is SD and the palm trees make everything pretty...

My son waiting his age group/turn... And my daughter giving up her bag of binkies to the Easter bunny!

Father son, mother daughter moments! 

Happy Easter to Everyone from our family to yours! 


  1. ♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥

  2. Happy Easter from NJ. Sounds like you had a busy but fun morning all while you looked great and stood out in the crowd. What a sweet Easter morning and that shot of you with the kids is just perfect. Love the skirt....Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo.

  3. What a pretty Easter outfit! The striped cardi is my favorite part.

  4. love this outfit, those shoes are great! i love all these colors together.
    happy easter!!

  5. I absolutely love this! The striped cardi is absolutly the perfect piece for this outfit!

    Happy Easter!

  6. Happyyy easter!
    I love egg hunting it is so cool!

  7. So great. Looks like you had a great Easter and that skirt is just perfect for Easter too!

  8. I love this whole outfit! The flower in your hair is such a cute touch, too.

  9. what a cute family! looks like you had a fantastic Easter. i LOVE those shoes and that skirt is lovely. you look great!

    i need to remember for next year to NOT fill eggs and just have kids turn them in for prizes! it's such a good idea.

  10. çocukların çooook tatlıııı maşallah ve sen de çok şıkmışsın, özellikle ayakkabılara bayıldımmmm.Sevgiler

  11. This outfit is really cute and love the cardigan and your earrings with flower decorated hair is fabulous. Your skirt is really darling. Wish İ was there missed it only bec. İ was working:( Love the family photo everybody looks very happy.


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