Thursday, September 22, 2011

All Black and So Tired

Wore jeans today since the client's business casual attire allows jeans.
 You can tell I leave the hotel room when it is barely getting light outside! These were all taken in the morning moments before I left for work.
 This sheer top was super tight. I envisioned this outfit with a much looser flowy look but the top is not cut that way.

 This leaf necklace is made out of a lava rock a gift from my mom and step dad.

Double ring!

Sheer Blouse - Newport News
Black Tee - Closet
Dark Skinny Jeans - H&M
Necklace & Ring - gifts from Mom
Shoes - Hype

Worked insane hours today, 13 hours to be exact! Left hotel at 7:30 AM and did not get back until 9 PM!
I barely made it so I can do a short skype with the kids and family. Can't wait to see them tomorrow.
I have not slept more than 6 hours each night and am somehow surviving. Being busy is helping.
Will be starting even earlier tomorrow as I have to leave early to fly back in the afternoon.
My friends had a fun day, outlet shopping, visiting a cool and famous BBQ place (Salt Lick in Driftwood between San Antonio and Austin) and then went to inner tubing on a river! I would say their day was much better than mine for sure!


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  2. that is an interesting necklace! love that. it's nice to be in black once in a while :)


  3. What a cool necklace! All black ensembles are always chic!

  4. You're amazing. You work so hard and still find time to blog. And, even when you dress in black, your clothes have interest. The lava necklace is super-cool and the shoes are nice.

  5. You have the best jewelry! I can't believe you have to get going before it even gets light out. I am so NOT a morning person. :)


  6. Love the casual business look :) hang in there, you have another day till you see your kids! The reunion will be beautiful!

  7. You're always so elegant, even when you're tired !
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  8. hey, sry for not being here as often as i used to. i have had a very busy week and can't wait to have more free time to catch up with your blog. this outfit of yours is one of my favourites, it's def my style: jeans and black tops! lovely pictures as always!

    happy weekend!

    jos xx


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