Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Walking in the Dark

Day 2 work outfit was inspired by a photo in the April 2011 issue of In Style Magazine...
So my shirt is not orange but this funky rose orange color but the idea of pairing with white for a stark opposite still works...

 Not sure if you noticed but yesterday I listed this belt but didn't realize I actually forgot to wear it! I had worn it when I was trying on the outfit during packing so thought I had it on! So this morning I made sure I wore it with this outfit at least!
 The feather madellian necklace got a lot of compliments from the client today!

 Wrapped the multi layered necklace like a bracelet around my watch!
 Notice the flats!? I have this giant blister on my toe now and no matter what I wear it hurts. But when I put on the heels it hurt so much that I couldn't even pose with them for the photos. The flats were fine. At least these pants are short enough to wear with them. Yesterday's pants would have been impossible with flats.
The construction workers started early today right on the street overlooking my balcony so had to quickly snap these before the sound of the timer got their attention and they thought I was a crazy lady taking her own photos at 7 AM in the morning in dusk!
Top - Eddie Bauer
Pants - Target
Necklace - Forever 21
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet - H&M
Ring - from Turkey
Flats - Steve Madden

I lost track of time last night and went to bed at 1 AM! And had to get up at 6:45 to meet my client who picked me up at 7:30 AM! But oddly plowed trhough the day all the way until 6 PM. Then again I lost track of time in the hotel room working until 8:14 and realized I better go get dinner before they close.
So, walking in the dark!
I do not like walking in the dark! It is creepy.
Especially when you see a large rodent which my wishful thinking would like to imagine it was a possum of some sort and not a rat. It climbed the tree and on to the branch right above where I was supposed to walk. I so was not going to do that and went another way and once again got totally turned around and lost in the sea of condo units. This hotel has signs for the pool everywhere but not a single sign indicating which way the main lobby building is!
I eventually found my way to the restaurant.
Another observation... When I am with my kids no matter how I dress and what I wear people still see me as one thing and that is a 'mom'! So, I am used to it. It always throws me up when I am not with them and people (creepy man on the creepy dark street) notice and start talking to me. Did I say I do not like walking in the dark?
I got my food and once again they gave me a giant size bag of chips which I already had 3/4ths of it from last night already. Well at least it is piling up as snack food when my best friend comes over tomorrow!
Had another nice skype session with the kids and my husband. They were so cute once again. So talkative and taking turns telling me about their day. Then my daughter dropped the bullet. She said 'Mommy I want you here to hug me' and I lost it. And then they kept asking why I was making that weird face and why I was sad. It is just so hard being away from them.


  1. İ am missing all of you too babe although İ am here İ feel like İ will be intruding. Nobody can replace you as their dear mommy. There is only few more days and Lisa will keep you busy! İ love your outfits sweetheart and please do not walk in the dark and eat early! Getting me worried here.İ am missing you the most of all as you miss your kids.

  2. sorry that you are having a rough time being apart from the kids...you have a great support system at home, though :)

    i love colors with whites...very fresh looking! and that necklace is just awesome...i love it everytime you wear it.

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  3. Oh sorry that you are missing the kids. It is so hard to be away from family :(

    I do love this fresh and crisp look though! The shirt color is beautiful!

  4. The story of your Skype interaction with your daughter is making ME cry!

  5. LOVE the crisp white pants. You wear them super well and the coral shirt with them makes them pop all the more!


  6. I like white coral and turquoise together, so summery. I like your necklace and the story with your kids are touching for all mothers i guess.


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