Wednesday, September 21, 2011

River Walk

Day 3 work attire was inspired by this super cute Chictopia Post:

I loved her idea of combining a hot pink top with a yellow belt and animal print heels. And I had all these items in my closet.
 I wore a tan colored cami under the top but it would have been much better sheer but not really work appropriate...

 These satin striped capri pants were a great find at F21 couple years ago. They look very dressy.

I switched these for animal print flats cause I just did not want to risk the health of my feet with all the ridiculous walking I have been doing at work.

Top, Pants, Belt, Shoes - Forever 21
Necklace - Betsey Johnson
Watch - Michael Kors

TODAY: Work is going better. I have figured out a way to get more work done and I enjoy being productive. My friend and her sister have arrived! So for the first time in 3 days I have been here I left the vicinity.
We had a nice walk at San Antonio's River Walk area. I have been here before on a business trip (visiting the same client actually) so I had done this already but it was nice to see it again and hang out with friends. And got to take some photos for you guys....
Since I couldn't do skype tonight had to settle to talking to the kids on the phone which I barely understood what they were saying so I hope we can do Skype tomorrow night.


  1. Love this outfit! So absolutely gorgeous! Great choice!

  2. Pink and yellow is one of my favorite color combos! Love the cropped pants and leopard shoes too. You have a fantastic shoe collection!

    Looks like you had fun exploring too :)

  3. You have a great style! Love your top, and you have a great inspiration!

  4. hey İ never thought of pink and yellow ! looks great. İ pair yellow and turquoise usually. <love the booties too. Missed you a lot! Good to see you out and about with friends. Beautiful sceneries by the way love the river walk.

  5. love the look and your shoes are fabulous (despite having to switch to flats ;p) What a fun day you had with your friends!

  6. lovely pictures!
    and your heels are much more awesome than your inspiration honey! :)

    Wear A Smile!

  7. That color is so lovely on you! And I love it paired with leopard!

  8. thank you for wearing your animal print shoes! they're so versatile but sometimes i get stuck thinking, do these match?! but this outfit is great and i love the betsey johnson necklace. i have a similar blue one that i love! and those tuxedo pants are fab!

  9. I wish I had seen the River Walk when I was there a few years ago! What a fun city!

  10. I liked the leopard print both on the shoes and the necklace. Also the pink looks so nice and charming dear! ;)

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