Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gloomy Traveler

 Well my adventure of a traveling working mom starts today.
This was the outfit I chose for the flight.

The inspiration came from Carrie Fabulous's great polyvore combinations:

We realized once again that we do not own any medium sized luggage.  Either these really large one which we use for international trips or the small carry on bags.

 I bought this cute little orange polka dot scarf at H&M one day.

I decided since I was traveling solo for work and on southwest which allows bags for free I was not going to try to make an efficient packing list. And as a result my bag was of course 5 lbs over and I had to take out the magazines and the book to my tote bag instead. Well this is what happens when you pack 3 pairs of heavy wooden platform style shoes, plus gym shoes, plus flats. I am blaming the shoes.

My seat preferences in an airplane depends on the length of the flight. For long international flights I prefer the window so I can cozy up and sleep. For shorter business flights I always prefer the isle cause I drink caffeine and like to use the bathroom at will without bothering anyone.  This is all without kids of course. With kids any seat is bad so it doesn’t really matter. And one place I did not miss the kids was during the flight. I genuinely smiled at all the mothers flying with kids and then tactfully made sure I sat far from them! J

 My mom took me to the airport since my kids were napping at home when I left. When she dropped me off we both laughed how I feel so weird not towing two kids, a stroller, couple mini backpacks, snack bags and a huge diaper bag. I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I always write how I cherish the quiet on those nights I get a break and drive to meet my friends. But not this time.  I felt lonely, missing the kids already.
Jacket - Forever 21
Tee - Target
Boyfriend Jeans - Newport News
Scarf - H&M
Hat - local beach boutique
Ballet Flats - Steve Madden

Spent a nice morning with the kids and also worked on making sure the house was left in top shape with no dirty clothes or dishes and dinner. Then realized I was running out of time and started panicking. My mom and step dad came over to take the kids to the park and to lunch so I can pack in peace.
My flight was delayed 2 hours in the air cause it couldn't land then had to go to another city (Austin) to re-fuel. I was starving and of course everything at the airport was closed. Cab line was long since it was raining but finally got a cab. Then he made the smart offer to stop at a fast food drive thru and I am soooo glad I did cause the hotel has no food or room service except for breakfast. I am determined to eat healthy and workout this week. So at the airport I bought a fruit cup and water from Starbucks and from Wendy's I got a grilled chicken salad and water. Must go to bed now cause I am 2 hours behind and morning is going to be rough!


  1. fotoğraflara bayıldım,yol için bütün hazırlıklar tamam :))kırmızı bavul da çekime renk katmış,bayıldım :))

  2. Love your polka dot scarf! Great traveling outfit :) I know what you mean about missing the kids. I look forward to some "me time" but then get sad when i don't have my girls!


  3. That's a great scarf. And I love the pictures of you "riding" the luggage: very cute.

  4. Love that your bright scarf matches your suitcase :) You look comfy and chic! Loving the jacket!

  5. that suitcase is such a fabulous prop! love the look <3

  6. I love the pop of the suitcase and scarf in these pics. Have a safe trip! :)

  7. Very cute! Thanks so much for compliment of being inspired by one of my sets. You look great! Love that suitcase, you definitely won't loose that one!Safe travels!
    XO Carrie

  8. Hey, you definitely don't look like a gloomy traveller! Love the addition of the polka dot scarf, somehow it makes everything look a bit happier! I hear you on missing the kids- i can only be away from them for 24 hours before I long to change a poopy diaper again (well, maybe not). Thanks for the post!

  9. I am same way, eant to travel alone, but miss my family so much.

    Good luck with the job


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