Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going rugged with lace

 This funky outfit was inspired by a web photo I saw on Romwe's website:
I really wish I had those flatforms and I know some of you who do! So Jealous. Instead I had to wear my rugged boots.
 This is the vintage lace tunic I have worn couple times and always in such a different fashion.

To pick up the red in the hat and the socks also added a red ring...

Isn't this hat just adorable? Found it at TJ Maxx. I was so tempted to buy it also in navy and hunter green but my hat collection is somewhat getting out of control so I stopped at red.

Red socks with the rugged boots!

Photos snapped very quickly at the beatiful Balboa Park by my dad while we were waiting for my husband to take the kids to the bathroom.

Lace Tunic - Vintage
Black Summer tank dress - beach boutique
Red Hat - TJ Maxx
Red Socks - We Love Colors
Rugged boots - Steve Madden
Ring - ruche

Oh, it is so good to be back. We had a nice liesurely cuddle time with the kids in the morning. So leisurely that we were totally late getting ready and barely made it on time for the kids gym classes. After taking trial classes in hip hop, ballet and soccer I think we have finally found the class they both like and will stick with. And even though they are in different age group/classes the times are the same so it works out nicely.

We then went directly to my good friend's son's 2nd birthday party at the rail road museum! The kids loved running around the museum with their friends and taking in all the trains. Then it was lunch and cake in the upstairs b-day room!
With my good friend and the mom of the birthday boy!

My daughter truly enjoying the cupcake with her Dede (grandpa in Turkish) and Daddy!

After naps, we went over to my mom's for a nice family dinner with them and my sister and her boyfriend.


  1. so what classes did you decide on? gymnastics for both?
    this year our little one wont take any classes.Just my boy.

  2. Defne bu kombine bayildim ;))) True funky ;))) Dantel vintage bluzda sahane... Bir cok degisik kombini basariyla tamamlar!!! Sapka favorim, hemen bir TK Maxx'a ugramam lazim ;))) Opuyorum xxx


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