Friday, September 9, 2011

All Dressed up and in the dark

So our plans of attending the Fashion's Night out yesterday afternoon were totally spoiled!
Not sure if the U.S. readers have heard but we had a major power outage that effected the entire Southern California region starting from Orange County down south effecting my entire city!
As my mom and I were packing for my trip and getting ready we kept thinking it was just a short outage in our area. I never got to flat iron my hair! We left house and found out that it was the entire city. None of the traffic lights were working which made traffic insane. The malls were closed so there went our event.
We just made a u-turn and drove back home!
Mom and I at least took our photos of the outfits no one saw!
Her outfit photos will be in a scheduled post tomorrow...

Top - TJ Maxx
Pants, ring - H&M
Wedges - Soda from Marshall's
Clutch - Romwe
Necklace - Anthropologie
Earrings - Buffalo Exhcange 
Bracelets - Ruche

Of course before this look I was totally casual running errands with the kids and packing. I decided to look just like my daughter so wore a (free people) dress same style as hers and croc like shoes and braided my hair and put it in low pig tails!

Well our flight indicates it is still on time so off we go!
I will be gone until Tuesday but stay tuned for a scheduled posts and some amazing lovely ladies who are guest posting for me in the days to come....


  1. super cute kids, and i really love your necklace!

  2. sorry to hear that your plans did not work out, what a pitty! :(

    I want your wedges btw, want want want!!! :D

  3. Looking good!!! Loving that top! You should link this post up with me for Fashion Friday honey! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Kori xoxo

  4. wow your top is so colorful ... i love your dress and necklace ...your looking hot in this ... ;-)

  5. i love the colors of your and orange. sorry to hear the event was cancelled, tho. have fun on your trip!

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  6. Love this outfit! The orange and navy is great and love your necklace :-)

    Sorry your event got cancelled, bummer

  7. Nice outfit!! Your kids are so cute!!!

  8. gushing over the top look! head to toe perfection!

  9. I love that clutch. The color definitely stands out and would give any outfit that crucial pop of color, but what I really love is the band that you can put your hand through. It really makes carrying a clutch much easier.

  10. I love your clutch and your wedges, they are insanely high but gorgeous. The family shot was really cute. Hope that you have a safe trip :)

  11. wow, that look is amazing. The clutch , shoes and the shirt is so beautiful!



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