Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Beautiful Grandmother!

This is a scheduled post while I am on our mini vacation to Manchester, NH visiting my husbands extended family!
As you know Thursday we had the major power outage all of San Diego county! My mom and I were all dressed up and ready to go to the Fashion's Night out Event at one of the malls here when the power went out.
We figured we should at least take photos of our outfits that no one saw!

So here is my beautiful Mother!
She was rocking in her shiny blue denim pants and animal print bustier!

 The feather earrings were super cool!

 Animal print wedges and her green toes!

 Even the belt is animal print!


My Mother - The most confident woman I know!

And here are some photos from my packing...

My packing outfit spreadsheet:

 You can see in the 'shoe' section I picked outfits that utilizes the same shoes and same top or bottom to minimize the items being packed.

Here are the Inspiration outfits photos of what I packed for the road:

Will post my actual outfits from these Inspirations when I return!

Get ready for Natasha from Required2beInspired tomorrow!


  1. wow lovely dress.... she is really a grandmother hahahahah.i love her style and hair ...

  2. OMG! Your mother is a stunner! Both beautiful *and* possessing real fashion-sense. Now I see where you get your looks.

  3. Wow, I can see that fashion runs in your genes! Your mom is a stunner like you! Also, i can't believe how organized you are when you pack. I usually wait last minute and throw whatever is clean into a suitcase! Thanks for the post.

  4. Hot momma!! Especially love her earrings and shoes - she looks great!!

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out our blog & follow us back if you'd like!

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  5. Thank you for everyone's compliments! My dear daughter you are so kind to dedicate this page to me. Somebody told me that it was grandparents day and İ said İ did not get any calls. But here you are with a page full of my pictures.İ love how organized you are with your spread sheets some thing you definitely got from your father:)İ love you and thanks again for making me a grandmother with two beautiful grandkids. İ am very blessed.

  6. your mom is so pretty! you're lucky you have great genes!!! hope you have a great vacay and will miss you. hope you also get a chance to buy some Missoni Target stuff. i went today and everything was gonners. but i did manage to get some stuff online! enjoy youself!


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