Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lemon and Mint

 Today's outfit was inspired by another JCrew catalog photo:

Except I am not really crazy with how it turned out. Oh well, not everyday is a winner.

 I do like t he unexpected combination of yellow and mint with a touch of coral!
 Wore the coral belt over the scarf tied at waist. The coral beaded necklace worn as a bracelet broke off in the middle of the day but I salvaged it.

 With my little princess...

Cardigan - Victoria's Secret
Blouse - Koton (from Turkey)
Shorts, scarf, belt and necklace/bracelet - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Anthropologie
Sneaker wedges - Roxy

TODAY: Woke up early today so we can sign up for the outdoor preschool class. Except the weather was awful and it started raining and there was no cover there. It is also one of the ugliest playgrounds. The kids did not seem to care but we hated it. So once we were sure we were on the roaster a group of us left for the free Museum Tuesdays and visited the science center. They had changed a lot of exhibitions so the kids had a great time and it was nicely AC'd in there. Then we came out and it was oh my goodness the muggiest weather ever. I don't know how some of you do it in heat but us in San Diego are just not used to it. We barely survived the lunch near the fountain and had to shower the minute we got home.
After naps invited my friend and her two kids over for kids to play with water then swim. We managed to have 4 kids swim without us getting in the pool! Had to sit right by and watch like a hawk but it was nice.
We then gave them a bubble bath and dressed in PJs then served them our combined leftoevers for dinner. It was great. Both our husbands were coming home late so it was the perfect plan.

Here are some photos from the Science Center:

Dancing to their shadows...


  1. Yellow and mint is a great color combo. I really like the scarf belt with the coral belt together!

  2. Loving the yellow and mint combination. You look fabulous! :D

  3. I love the color combo, and the sneakers! You are absolutely adorable!!!

  4. love the yellow top ... looking nice ...

  5. hi,

    sry for not commenting and talking to you in a while. it's been a crazy week and I'm trying to catch up with you as possible! thanks for your kind words on my previous post i really appreciate it!

    i really admire the way you get inspired by pictures and try to copy them. i never did that, and i think i should really try it. I think the outcome of your outfit is fantastic, i really like the mixture of mint and yellow and coral - my favourite summer colours i must say! your kids are too cute!

    jos xx

  6. You look super cute! I love that color combo! And those glasses are killer!! :)

  7. You make the simple outfit speaks so aloud…. Your pretty smiles so sweet to delight the whole pictures!!Kids are adorable,they seem to have lots fun with their games..

    Check out romwe-romwe.blogspot.com/ big :D


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