Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Early Morning Charm

Today's outfit was inspired by another JCrew photo:

I like this outfit cause it is super simple except you add the long pearl necklace and then it is just something unique!
 This was at 6:30 AM believe it or not! I wish we were all lining up to get tickets to see some hip concert but no we got up early and got in line to get into a pre-school class. Which is why I picked an outfit that was warm in the morning but could be lighter when the heat hit later in the day. I have a tank top underneath.
 I could have worn my black capri pants but they are a dry clean material and I opted to just cuff my skinny cargo pants instead which I can just wash in the machine.

 I hooked up two of my pearl necklaces to create the longer knotted look.

 Cat eye sunglasses from F21.

Sweater - Forever 21
Pants - Target
Tank - From Turkey
Ballet Flats - Steve Madden
Pearls - Gifts from husband

So, yes I got up super early and lined up in front of the campus building before they even opened the building. By 7:20 there were 5 other mommies and by 7:35 (after the doors opened) there were already 15 of us. The class is only for 25-27 students (which are the adults but then each one has at least 2 kids so the number of people is quite high).
Anyway at the end most of my friends made it to the main list. There are 17 people on the waiting list though even after the teacher allowed 30 people to sign up.
My husband took the kids to my mom's and she brought them to class at the actual class start time. It was a crazy day though with way too many people and kids and no order. We survived.
After naps I had the kids swim again in the pool cause the heat wave is continuing and it is a perfect way for them exert energy without over heating. My son is swimming better and longer distances everyday. It really is a great exercise.


  1. You look fabulous! Your necklace is so classy and chic!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  2. The necklace and flats are really cute! New follower!


  3. Wow, this outfit looks great, need to pin it , if you dont mind for later reference :)

  4. You are dedicated taking photos at 6:30! Great outfit you have here! It's funny when I saw your handwritten notes on your inspiration photo from JCrew. I do that too! My husband makes fun of me, lol!

  5. Love the inspiration shot..and YOURS! Classic black and shades of white/neutrals is such a classic and timeless look. You are right the pearls add JUST the right touch to make the outfit unique.
    Great recreation.
    Hope you are having a great week!!!

  6. Very chic! Love this look! xo

  7. I wish I looked this good at 6:30 in the morning! What a great mommy on-the-go look! Quick and comfy without being frumpy.

  8. Those slim pants are wonderful! love your inspiration!

  9. ohh its you ...lovely and totaly change style i like your top...

  10. An awesome rendering! LOVE that sweater and the strand of pearls :)

  11. I love your outfit, you look fabulous!

  12. wow, you look great so early in the morning! i like this outfit. it's classic. love how you accessorized with the pearls!

  13. Love your sweater!!!Very chic look!

  14. I love the look as well! You're right, it's very simple but also very chic!

    Ongoing giveaway!

  15. I love this outfit, makes me think to Audrey Hepburn !


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