Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pink Kate and Old Traditions

This was my outfit to the family gathering at my Mom and Step dad's house...

 The top, the skirt and the shoes are very very old. I had this combo in mind but was waiting for a pink blazer to complete it.

The grey black sunglasses mom gave me for my b-day went nicely...

This beautiful necklace was a b-day gift from my good friend. It was the right statement piece for the outfit.

My cherished Kate Spade shoes! Bought during the Sex and the City craze with SJP's obsession over fun shoes. Found this on sale at Off Fifth (outlet of Saks Fifth).

Posing with mom's mailbox!

Pink Blazer & Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Charlotte Russe
Sandals - Kate Spade
Necklace - gift
Watch - Betsey Johnson

Once Again I have to portray my baby sister who was just again dashing today:

I directed the pose! :)

She is obviously into the spiked necklaces now. Looks great with the outfit and I am loving the orange and animal print combo.

Hung out at home with the kids this morning while my husband played tennis. Gave them an early bath so we can be ready after naps.
As my Turkish readers are well aware this week was a holiday (Bayram) for us. And even though here in U.S.A. we feel so distant from the holiday traditions my mom wanted to get the family together to try teach my kids some of those traditions.
Here is my son learning to kiss hand:

He kissed every family member's hand like this (you kiss then touch it to forehead as he is doing above) and in return the family elders give the kids money. I used to remember I had a separate dress for each day of the holiday (lasts 4 days) and each dress had a matching purse. I couldn't wait to wear new outfits and would save all the money I collected for something special. My grandpa was known to go to the bank and get brand new bills so they would be clean to give to the family children.

My daughter unfortunatley was not in the mood today and refused to participate. Like a celebrity who is nursing a hangover she kept her sunglasses on clang to either myself or my mom!

She then warmed up and we had a delicious dinner with ton of Turkish dishes everyone brought.
I wish I had taken a photo of the table but I forgot.
Here is the group photo:


  1. so cute in skirt ...... your daughter is also looks pretty in pink ....

  2. gorgeous!

  3. pembe blazer çok yakışmış,gri etek ve pembe gri kolye uyumu da süper olmuş,çok beğendim :)

  4. That is great you are teaching your children your family traditions! Your children are so cute!

    Love this outfit, especially the necklace and shoes! Your sister is pretty smoking in her outfit!

  5. Love the outfit on you, colors look fantastic. your girls have awesome accessories.

  6. Like your pink and dark blue combo and I am loving your sister's spiked necklace!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


  7. cok tatlı bir kombin olmus bu tonlar cok yakısmıs.. gözluk de cok hos dikkatden kaçmadı..

  8. This was a perfectly sweet bayram outfit and both Juliet and Trevor's outfits were soo cute. You manage to dress Trevor so fashionable and different than the other boys! Your skirt is lovely and color combo is put together with that pretty necklace. İt was great to see our traditions will be passed to future generations. İ love having everyone over for holidays!


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