Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today we continue with Fall/Winter Trends. Yesterday was trends that were still in, today are the new ones:

So, bold colors are still in but some are more predominant now:

1. Plum

2. Emerald Green
 I love this color. I need to own more items in this color. Especially a coat would be ideal!

3. Lizard Print

 How awesome are these boots!?? The price tags are just as breathtaking of course and so out of my reach...

 I want everything in this page! Especially those parada boots and the miu miu heels!

4. Tortoise

5. Calf Hair
 These are actually from my closet and will be shown again later this week but didn't have any other photos...

6. Shearling

Here is an affordable super cool vest from Forever 21 for this trend if you are interested:

This cool one from Victoria's Secret is super cool but a bit pricey for me. Click 'here' for the link:

7. Loafers

8. Rugged sole Booties/Heeled Hikers

I have this from piperlime saved in my wish list:

9. Cape Panchos

Here are some 'affordable' examples:

Love the fur trim hood on this one from Victoria's Secret. Click 'here' for the link:

This is very classic and chic looking. Click 'here' for the link:

This is from Forever 21 as well. Click 'here'

10. Boxy Shapes
 click 'here' for the original post!

11. Cross body bags
 click 'here' for the original post...

12. Neck tie silky blouses in print
to buy click 'here'

13. Spiked heels

14. Tartan Plaids

15. Collared necklaces or collars

16. NAILS: Taupe, Grey, Mauve and Sage Greens

17. Flared HW Jeans/Pants
 See the original post 'here'!

These are some very cool trends. There isn't one I do not like. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will show and tell all about my newly acquired items that fit these trends... 


  1. Wow! This is one of the best compilations of the trends of today! Great coverage...and my favorite is the emerald green!! Heaven!

  2. Plum is always one of my favorites. Those boots are amazing!

  3. great post! love the styling ideas


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