Friday, March 26, 2010

Animal Instinct

I can't beleive I am wearing my old maternity top again! Granted it is not really a maternity top but the cut worked great for me when I was pregnant.  I realize now, I can just tuck it in and continue to wear it. Today I was a good girl and wore a tank underneath so it was more comfy to move around without worrying about flashing somebody. I like to pair animal prints with un expected colors like this light lime green pants. This is also a great example of using my old work clothes as these were work slacks once upon a time. To add some interest and sparkle I decided to go with a bronze glitter belt, gold flats (another 'need a dressy shoe without heels' purchase during my first pregnancy) and my new bib necklace. I looked everywhere for the right bib necklace. And what I mean by 'looked' is of coursed 'searched online' as that is the only way I can shop since the only time I have is after kids go to bed. After googling 'bib necklaces' and looking at  huge selections I found one at a great price and saw it was at Kohl's. I had recently gone there to purchase some clothes for my son and had a $10 coupon too. So, I was ectstatic when I found this one on sale. I like that it has both silver and gold but it is not to sparkly like the ones wth actual stones. I have great plans for it.

Ah, I wish I had more time and someone to help me with the photos. By the time I put together the outfit, get everyone dressed, snacks and lunch packed and house tidied up, I have about 5 minutes I can spare for photos. So they are always rushed and fast and never that good. But, oh well...
If and when my daughter naps I have more time but she is 14 mos old now and getting ready to drop that morning nap I so depended upon.

Zebra Print Top - Express - Hand me down from mom who got it from my sister
Black tank underneath - Closet - $4
Green Pants - Ann Taylor - $80
Gold Shoes - Dolce Vita - $100
Bronze belt - F21 - $5
Bib Necklace - Kohl's - $12 (after my coupon)

Today's Activities: Kid concert (Hullabaloo) outdoors followed by picnic style lunch with another mommy and kids outside. Since it took my son 1 hour 45 minutes to fall a sleep for his nap he didn't wake up until late afternoon. All we had time to do was grocery shop at costco in the afternoon. But, two sets of grandparents came to visit back to back so they had fun.

Just because you wear dressier clothes during the day does not mean you have to act differently or constantly worry about your nice clothes. Also, do not worry about what others think or the fact that you are dressier than most etc... Just have confidence in yourself and your outfit and act natural and normal.

After dressing up everyday for coming up to 2 months now and not wearing any sweats or yoga pants I am realizing I feel just as comfy and act just as I would in more casual clothes. I never worry about my clothes during the day. I put them on, look in the mirror before going out but that is about it. All day long I never have time to even think about them. I sit on grass, kneel down in sand and dirt, lug kids, stroller, bags, pretty much do everything just as I would if I was wearing sweats and sneakers.  Hence when someone compliments me I almost have to look down to see what was I wearing again. But it is nice to know that I don't look like I feel which is SUPER HAPPY but also tired, exhausted, a bit stressed and overwhelmed at times.

Here is a photo of us today during the outdoor concert. My son who screams bloody murder when I try to get him to wear sunglasses (we live in SD and it is hard to function without sunglasses) demanded he wears them after seeing a pretty little girl next to us wear them! Go figure. My daughter is on the right chewing on a rattle as usual. Also note my black with pink trim juicy diaper bag in the background. :)


  1. your kids are so adorable! and I am in love with your necklace and shoes!!

  2. thanks for also visiting my blog, im following you. i love this overall outfit, looks casual and comfy but still so chic


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