Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mommy in Stilettos oh my...

So, today happens to be one of those unique days where both our morning and afternoon activities consists of house (backyard) playdates. Which means no walking, which means I can actually get away with heels. Not that I tried to wear heels.  Let me explain.. I found these pants in my son's closet which is where I store some of those 'good brand but does not fit or not in style' items. They used to not fit but they do now. I was excited and tried to make an outfit only to realize they are super long and have to be worn with heels. And that is how I ended up in my stiletto boots which have not been touched for the last 1.5 years! The top is another F21 find. It is from their couture line. I know they have a couture line (!?) It is a cotton tank topped with an attached sheer vest with a removable flower pin. It also came with a bone color chain belt but I didn't use it for this look. Topped it off with a cardigan because as you can imagine I am too cold in the mornings. The coral necklace picks up the coral stripes in the pants. The boots were an amazing find at what used to be my favorite store when I lived in NYC: Century 21.
The cuff bracelet is a gift from my Grandpa who found it an antique bazaar in Turkey. The ring is my mom's who gifted it to me when my daughter was born when I named her middle name after her.

Pants - BCBG - BCBG store on sale - $80 (very old)
Tank Top - F21 - $20
Cardigan - La Redoute catalog (no longer in US) - $30
Boots - Escada - from Century 21 in NYC - $400 on sale (from the days I had no kids, good double income and a small mortgage)...
Necklace - Charlotte Rousse - $10

Today;s Activities:
Mommy group playdate at a friend's house in the morning. Egg coloring and decorating playdate at another friend's house in the afternoon. [I have a big group of mommy friends with kids same age as mine, makes it easy to do lots of playdates].

This is a photo of my daughter in an outfit a family friend bought from a boutique in San Clemente. It is pretty funky and unique...

TIP OF THE DAY: Don't be afraid to utilize your old work clothes...
If you are like me and have been holding onto your work clothes, don't just cast them aside. The silk blouses look great when paired with jean shorts, dressy cardigans over cargo skirts or a-line skirts, suit pants can be worn with other more casual items and  of course the suit jackets (blazers) are great to layer on top of summer dresses and skirts and even shorts. Obviously they are not very practical as they need dry cleanning but  it is better to use them then let them sit in the closet. I have added a couple outfit ideas to my list the other day with such items so can't wait to showcase them soon.


  1. I'm absolutly loving this outfit!!
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  2. LOVE it! You look gorgeous! And again, love what you have written! Your daughter is so pretty!!



  3. your daughter is so cute! and lol at the playdate = no walking = heels. haha. Looking gorgeous!

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