Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ahoy Mate!

Seem to have accumulated a lot of nautical themed and colored pieces this season.
I should have done a skirt outfit today since I am with my husband (which means less bending and running and picking up kids) and we are not going anywhere that is going to involve sitting on the floor. But I was too cold in the morning for our 7:30 AM breakfast at Broken Yolk that I went with this ensemble instead.

Also, have you noticed the face lift I gave to the home page. Changed the colors a bit and added a slide show and some fun lists. I am looking for a cool image to display on top but have not found any yet. Work in progress...

Anyway, back to the outfit. I am now fanatic about dressing in layers because I am always cold in the am and late afternoon and hot in between. I will post at the bottom two action photos where you see in mid day I ditch the jacket and the scarf. The pants are super comfy, thin material that looks like denim but it is not. The tee has little rolled up cuffs held with tiny buttons. Cute tiny details. And these shoes are pretty comfy despite the wedge heel. I love how the tote adds some color, patter and overall fun to the outfit. Of course I only got to use it first part of the morning when I only had my son. Later in the day with both kids I only use my diaper bag and trusted coach wallet purse I wear across my body.

My mom took the photos right in front of our neighborhood restaurant we had breakfast at.

Denim look slacks - F21 - $23
Red Tee - $12
White Cardigan - Banana Republic - Mom bought it from a thrift store - $15
Red Scarf - Charlotte Rousse - $10
Wedge Sneakers - Roxy - $60 (very old)
White with rose gold watch - Michael Kors - Nordstrom Rack - $60
Purse - Gucci- Ebay used item (old) - $100

Activities: Breakfast with Mom and Step dad out with kids, took son to dance class, met hubby and daughter at the park and visited parents for a little while (all before lunch and naps). In the afternoon went to Coronado Ferry Landing for some beach fun with the kids. Dinner at home followed by a short trip down the road for frozen yogurt! Yumm!

Here I am with my daughter. The one on the left is in the morning right after breakfast. The one on the left is in the afternoon at the beach. My son is in the background by the water. He could not be stopped from his water play to pose for any photo.  She is on her 2nd outfit of course. Crawling and white leggings only lasted an hour or so...

TIP OF THE DAY: If you are going to browse fashion magazines choose ones that have realistic clothes that you can afford and wear. Vogue and Elle are great mags but my gosh, the outfits are not only outrageous due to mega designer names but also makes me wonder who is wearing these where? I do like looking at photos and what great clothes I can't afford are being made by top designers. But when it comes to truly getting ideas and inspiriation I turn to mags like Lucky, People 'Style Watch' and In Style. Allure is OK as well. Do you have a favorite magazine?


  1. I love those pants..and of course the purse!! You look great!

  2. OMG - the pants, the red shirt, the wedges... I am in LOVE with your entire outfit!!

  3. Totally diggin' that MK watch! And your little lady is just adorable!

  4. Daphne, you are truly an inspiration to the mothers that stay at home. We don't have to look like the stereotype everyone has of us. You got "style" baby and glad you flaunt it.


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