Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walking over the clouds...

So, went with all white outfit today, which could be scary with kids. But, as I have said before white is easy to clean actually cause you can bleach out any stain. Both the linen pants and the top are machine washable. Plus it was 'wear white' day at my son's mommy and me toddler class, so I had a good excuse.  I saw a similar look in 'People Styel Watch' isse months ago on Beyonce. Normally this is not an outfit I would go buy the pieces for. But it inspried me because I owned a very similar wrap around cardigan that I always wore over jeans with boots. Seeing it over a white ensemble was inspiring. This is also a good example of browsing magazines to come up with looks with stuff you already own in your closet. I wore it with flats of course but it looked much nicer with heels which you will see in the photos.

Wrap Around Cardigan - F21 - $25 (last season)
Vintage Lace Top - La Redoute Catalog (old)
Linen Pants - Target (old)
Belt - Can't remember where this is from or the price as it is quite old as well
Necklace - Off Fifth (Saks Fifth Avenue's discount store) - $50 (old)
Shoes: Flats are Cole Haan ($200), Heels are Boutique 9 (TJ Maxx $60)

So, today was frozen lasagna day which gave me time off during kids' nap time. Of course my son did not nap but at least stayed in his room (trying to fall a sleep) for an hour or so. I should have been paying bills but instead I started trying on clothes, meanning trying out outfits on my list. It was so much fun for me. I realized if I had time I would come up with amazing outfits but I never do. Hence the point of the blog how to stay in style with no time. But it sure is fun, especially when an outfit comes together and looks great. I also tried on the items I recently ordered from VS catalog. I already knew some would be a send back since they were risky. The funny thing was the items I thought would be slam dunk are the ones I am returning and keeping the risky ones.
I even ordered peep toe booties from two different websites knowing I will return one. I just don't have time to shop any other way it seems. Much easier for me to shop online and return what doesn't fit. Can't wait to show off the new outfits in the days to come.
My husband asked if my closet had enough to sustain this blog. I showed him that I had over 70 outfit ideas just for spring/summer. To which he replied 'why did I even ask?'

Today's Activities: Indoor mommy and me toddler class in the morning. Taking kids to swim class in the afternoon. Hosting mom, sister and cousin for dinner at home.

TIP OF THE DAY: Get to know your (new) body type and what styles/cuts look good on you. Which might not be the same as your pre kid(s) days.  After I gave birth to my son, I realized the super tight, ends right at my waist t-shirts no longer worked for me. Rather the tunic length and my fave the blousan type was my new style.


  1. I really love that sweater! Oh and I haven't forgotten about those blog recommendations! I'll send those to you when I get a minute to pull them tonight!

  2. Very chic outfit. You look great. And you sound like you had a lot of fun today. I find that now when I shop I never try things on (usually I have my son in a sling). It IS just easier to return things!!

  3. hi mommy, you look so fabulous. your blog is great


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