Monday, March 22, 2010

Casual Fun

Going very casual today... It looked like it is not going to be that warm of a day and I don't have that many activities today so wanted to be casual and comfy. But of course added a bit fun to it. Love the pop of pink under the teal zebra print hoodie. And necklace is just one piece of jewelry that goes with an outfit like this. Found it at an Oktoberfest last fall. It is a real betsy johnson. My kids love to look at the monkey, bone and the hearts.

Pink Tunic top - PINK by Victoria's Secret  - catalog purchase - $25
Zip-up Hoodie - H&M - $30
Black leggings - Forever 21 - $10
Classic Ugg short boot - Nordstrom's - $150
Chunky charm necklace - Betsey Johnson - Encinitas Oktoberfest - $40

Today's Activities: Much needed car wash (not a simple task when you have 2 kids, about 20 bags, a double stroller and two car seats you have to all empty get it vaccumed and put it all back). Followed by playtime at Kid Ventures (indoor play area) before lunch and naps at home. Playdate at a friend's backyard with mommy group in the afternoon.

TIP OF THE DAY: Last couple days we covered how to come up with outfit formations and if you want to be super organized you create a list of these ideas so you don't forget. Back in the day when I didn't have kids and much  more time, I used actually create spreadhseets of these outfits, categorize them by 'work' and 'weekend/casual' and by season. To this day my friends still give me a hard time about this but that is just me. :)

So, TODAY'S TIP is when to figure out what you are going to wear for the day.
Here are some suggestions when to think about it the day before:
1. After you go to bed before you fall a sleep
2. After you are awake but before you are out of the bed
3. While you are in the shower
4. When doing something mundane, like cooking, making beds, cleanning the house etc...
5. When rocking a baby to sleep, or laying next to a toddler to make him go to sleep

If you are a stay home mom that likes to pretty much spend majority of the day out with the kids except for naps, you don't really have time to think about your outfit in the midst of getting ready rush hour in the morning. So, I recommend coming up with what you are going to wear the day before. Hopefully you already know what you are going to do therefore you can pick accordingly. Mostly I think about this when I go to bed before falling a sleep, or after I am already awakend by my dear 2.5 year old and am trying to fall back a sleep or fake resting before our wake-up time. Sometimes I also think about it when my son insists I 'sleep with him just a little bit' when I put him down for a nap. I have to keep my mind occupied otherwise I would fall a sleep too and since I do all my dinner cooking while they nap that would be a big 'no no' I think about what I will wear the next day. Hence by the time I wake up and am getting dressed I already know and do not waste any time standing naked in the closet staring at my vast selection of clothes. Hope this helps...


  1. I always tell myself I'm going to figure out what I'm going to wear a day in advance...but that never happens...I almost always stare at my closet (well go between the 3 of them) and find one piece of clothing or an accessory that I really want to wear that day then build my outfit around it...I think that even if I tried to plan my outfits ahead of time by the time I'm getting dressed I'll come up with an entirely different idea.

  2. I always think up outfits when I am trying to get to sleep haha! how old are your kids?

  3. Great blog! YOu look like a teenager (in a good kind of way -lol). I have a tip to add. Create a "uniform". I found out wthat type of jeans, pants that look good for my body type...have a lot of different tees and tops. They key is I bought a slew of jackets. All fit me well, but are very different.And I circulate through them all - but really spice it up with my jewlery, scarve, hats and shoes. I can still express myself, but don't have to spend as much time trying to pick out outfits. I need that time to clean poopy and force my middle to change his underwear.

  4. I always think up outfits when I am in the shower!

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  5. That's true, I'm a stay-at-mom and most of my day is spending time with my son. Tiring but fun playing with him.

    Daph, you look great! I love that pink dress on you!


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