Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pretty at the Play

So, today is a two day outfit...  The title goes with my night outfit...

Day outfit is on the left. These shorts are a new purchase. I call these the mommy lenght shorts. They are at least 3 inches longer than all the shorts in my closet. Since it is not hot hot yet, I can get away with wearing a long sleeve blouse topped with a vest. The shirt and the shorts by themselves are too preppy, but the vest adds interest and the chain decorated denim sandals brings style to the whole outfit. This necklace has been sitting in my jewelry cabinet forever. Never wore it before. It is a bazaar purchase from Turkey.  I felt it went great with this outfit. Simple but cute.

Today's Activities: Outdoor Mommy and Me Toddler class which included an egg hunt in the morning. In the afternoon my wonderful mom and step dad took the kids to music class and park so I can get manicure and pedicure which I needed so badly.

Shirt - Gap - $20
Vest - Forever 21 - $24
Khaki Shorts - JCrew - $40
Denim Sandals - Steve Madden - $80
Necklace - from Turkey (can't remember but I am sure it was cheap)

Here is the Night Outfit...

This dress is a great base to any layering outfit. It is flowy and timeless. The colors of the design seems to go with everything from a yellow, orange or purple cardigan to black blazer jacket or a utility shirt. Unfortunately I couldn't get the belt and shoe combo's to work with any of that so went with the same navy vest from this morning. The coral belt is a great color, it looks brown when worn with brown shoes, or red when worn with red shoes. Ah, and these shoes. I absolutely love these shoes. I have a few pairs like this where the shoe is a piece of art. The flowers are hand stiched over the cork wedge heels. They are about 7 years old but look brand new. Which is what happens when you have as many shoes as I do. When I topped off the outfit with a classic khaki trench, the linen color of the shoes really complimented the coat.
Since the outfit has a lot going on with layers and design on dress and shoes I went very simple with jewelry. This cascading bird necklace is one of those purchases where in a style magazine in small font they list what the model is wearing with websites of where the items are sold. Unfortunatley I do not remember the website but I love the necklace. It is very subtle and interesting.

Dress - Anthropologie - $80 on sale
Vest - F21 - $24
Belt - Anthropologie - $30
Shoes - Betsey Johnson - VS catalog - $200
Necklace - website I can't remember - approx $40
Trench Coat - Banana Republic - $100 on sale (10 or so years ago)
Purse - Chloe - Nordstroms - lets not even talk about the price, it is a much older purchase at full price which is too high too admit.

Activity: Out with best friend, $5 Margs and $2 tacos at a happy hour in a cozy mexican cantina followed by Sweeney Todd play at a small production theater. She got the tickets from Goldstar for $11 per person. $30 total for a night out is not bad at all....

If you are a type of person who likes to dress in style but likes to shop from discount, thrift and second hand stores, you need to know what is in style so you can search and find those items in such stores. These stores carry too many items some in style and some not. If you have a good handle on what is in now you can find great deals. You can also be the type who buys what looks good and what they like regardless of fashion, which is cool too.  I go with what is in style and looks good on me and suits my current lifestyle. 

My goal is to have a list on my website with a list of what is 'in' right now with hopefully links to some magazine sources. I just need the time to do that. But a short list of what is 'in' now:
1.  Denim clothes - from dresses, to skirts to shoes and purses
2. Fringe - Purses and shoes with fringe detail, fringe necklaces
3. Mini skirts in full or A-line style
4. Rose colored metal - shoes or jewelry or purses
5. Clear - in jewelry, shoes or purses
6. Tribal or Flowery Patterns and mixing patterns
7. stripes
8. Silky shorts
9. For the bold ones out there:  80's neon colors!
The list goes on but I must go to sleep as my little night walker will start his routine of 'I am up for no reason just need to be tucked back to bed' , which will repeat every 3-4 hours until 7 AM when we give up.


  1. Daphne, really liked your night outfit, pretty shoes.. I have the same shirt from Gap in pink and white and I love to wear it..

  2. I love both outfits...especially the night one!! I love everything about it...mostly the shoes!!

  3. I loved the night outfit! You made everything tie in so nicely. The shoes are adorable! Tried to google them but nada...

  4. lovely and beautiful. woman, mom and wife


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