Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birds in Feathers

Posting real late tonight because we (my best friend and I) are trying to watch the movie 'Coco before Chanel' and it is subtitled meanning I can't 'listen' and blog at the same time. So right now my friend is kind enough to read the subtitles outloud so I can blog. :)
So, I cheated a bit and took these photos yesterday. I was going to wear the outfit both days in a row since my blog yesterday was on the Thread show but it was too cold so after taking the photos I changed. But I did wear this all day today. It was a bit chilly so the jacket was perfect. The boyfriend jeans and boyfriend blazer with converses are sooo comfy.. .
I got inspired when I saw this combo in a magazine. (see below). And since I already owned the jeans and the jacket (and the military style boots) I thought I could re-create it with just finding a similar tee and feather earings. 
The magazines actually do a great job telling you exactly where you can buy the displayed items and for how much but I always look for cheaper options. Plus I wasn't too crazy about the peace sign tee. 
I got this tee at TJ Maxx the other day. I love tissue thin, don't you? And I love the design on it. And the poppping shade of blue is exactly what I was looking for.
The earings were easy to find at my trusted Forever 21.
I decided last minute to wear converses under the outfit instead of the boots.  I am going to wear the version on the left (black pants, tee, crop blazer and boots) some other day, probably in fall. But for spring converses were more appropriate.
My converses finally arrived. Man it sucks to order from the actual brand. I tried to get these from Zappos but they didn't have my size so I ordered them directly from converse. It took much longer. So, I really like the look of classic converse with ties. But, being a mommy I just can't stand shoes with ties (or buckles) for me or for the kids. I am all for slip ons, zipper or velcro closure. So I was just going to get the slip on converses than I saw this model in a magazine. The ties are 'painted on' but they are slip ons.

Black Boyfirend Blazer Jacket - Newport News Catalog - $49
Blue Tee - TJ Maxx - $10
Boyfriend Jeans - Newport News Catalog - $39
Black Belt - Ralph Lauren (old)
Converses - (or see link above) - $55
Earings - Forever 21 - $6

Today's Activities: We hired our old nanny to babysit the kids while I spent the day in LA with my Dad for his Dr appointments and scans etc...Since we had some long waiting periods took advantage and got a menicure and pedicure at a local nail salon near the dr's office. In the evening went out with my girlfriend for dinner and than came home to watch the movie.

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  1. That's a good casual look...I love that you're posting the inspiration picture as well!!


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