Monday, April 12, 2010

Tulle and Denim

As I probably told your before I absolutely love anything with tulle. If I could wear tutu's at my age I totally would. So, when I saw this white dress at F21 with a tulle underlay I had to have it. It was years ago, I have worn it so much but usually with nothing else and girly shoes. Today I decided to add denim  and ankle cuff sandals to make it less dressy and roughen it up a bit. The plan was to wear it with my new denim vest but it was too cold today so wore it with the jean jacket the whole day. [Another look I have in mind with this dress for Fall is black leather motorcyle jacket and ankle high open toed juicy boots.] The tan with burn orange trim silk scarf looks great over the white. And the tan sandals compliment the scarf. The coral necklace picks up the slim trim color of the scarf. This is my new thing now, wearing a necklace with a scarf. I saw it somewhere (can't remember where, probably on another blogger) and liked the idea. Denim vests are totally in now (see my 'what is in style' pages on the right side of the blog for other variations). To gather 'in style' items I adopt the following strategy: first look at my favorite discount stores in the given order: Forever 21, Charlotte Rousse, H&M and TJ Maxx. If not found then consider type of a store that might sell such style item or use the website references on the magazine if the price is reasonable. I usually get lucky though and find what I am looking for at a discount store. Denim Vest purchase was found by this strategy.

Dress - F21
Denim Vest - F21 - $24
Jean Jacket - very old...
Sandals - VS Catalog
Scarf - Coach
Necklace - Charlotte Rousse - $9

Today's Activities: Breakfast at home, visit to parents and lunch at their house. While kids are napping with hubby home, went to the Thread Show (post tomorrow on my purchases from the show). After naps (both napped today! Yeay!) Carlsbad Flower Fields followed by dinner out.
Full Day!


  1. another great outfit from you. i love F21 and Charlotte Russe. We don't have H&M and TJ Maxx but I keep seeing nice pieces from them. The scarf with the necklace is so creative, I wouldn't think of that.

  2. Love the scarf and necklace combo!

  3. This is my fav look of yours yet! It is absolutely perfect! LOVE it.

    As for wearing a tutu, I SO would. But I can't find one my size anywhere!

  4. Fabulous look! I did a post a while back on pairing a denim shirt with a tulle skirt, but I haven't recreated it myself yet. Totally need to!


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