Monday, April 12, 2010

Thread Show Purchases

As I told you yesterday every year My mother, sister and I (sometimes joined by friends) go to the 'Thread Show' that comes to San Diego. The locale and the vendors change every year. But the idea of finding some very unique items from up and coming designers who are trying to make it in the fashion industry always gives us the biggest thrill. The cool thing is you talk and buy the items directly from the person that designed/made them. It is like participating in wine tasting from the wine maker himself. Since they sell these items directly, they sell them practically at cost. While the same items sell for 50-100% mark up at retail/boutiques. Other than getting a great deal what I love most is they are so unique. Some designs are too crazy for me to wear but I still enjoy browsing. They also have great music, food, drinks and fashion shows.

When we went this Sunday, I purchased some great items. I have been in search of a cool summer purse. Since I will probably have some help with the kids in Turkey I won't always have to carry a diaper bag and therefore can use a purse. Of course I have ton of purses but wanted one purse that will go with everything that I can pack.  This was supposed to my anniversary gift from my husband. After browsing places like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom rack and not finding anything that said 'buy me' I started considering a full price Michael Kors (a model around the $400 range). So my husband was thrilled when I found 2 purses for less than half that price at the show.

First Purse:

This is a crochet purse with real leather trim from Solas. I love that it is rectangular envelope shaped. The straps are perfect for throwing it over my shoulder or carrying it in my elbow. Love the tassle touch and the coin purse closure. Yes, white crochet is going to be risky as it could get dirty but I figured I would deal with it. And the guy didn't even tell me but when I got home and was putting them away in the dark I opened it up to find the whole mouth of the purse is lined up with this 'solas lighting'. That is the coolest feature I have ever seen. You can see what I am talking about in the website photos. As you can see on the website they are selling it for $189. I bought it for $50... He also had the pistachio green color there as well, which I was tempted with but white was safer since I can only pack 1 or 2 purses.
I was also considering this real cute black number. He was asking for $80 and check it out it sells for $319. Wish I had bought it....

Second Purse:

So, I was actually going to stop with the white purse but then I saw this one and fell in love with it. It is made by Lindsay (who I bought it from) from Malaika Designs. I just love the bead and the bird accessory. And the fact that it is bucket style which is totally in made me want it more. The genuine leather is butter soft. And the color although looks black even in person is actually this real dark olive color. Ok, here is the kicker... the purse was priced at Fred Segal boutiques for $610 and was even featured at US weekly as an up and coming designer bags... Here is the photo from that issue:

So, guess how much I paid for it?


I mean I would have bought it anyway cause I loved the purse, but can't beleive she sells it that cheap when it retails for $610.

Third Purchase:
This is from Noon Designs. They sell for pretty much the same price on their website. I couldn't find my exact one so no hot link to this but you can check out many other colors. I just love the dainty look and this blue will just pop when worn with non blue outfits. I got this pair for $22.

I wish we had remembered to taken a group shot photo at the show. Cause I took our 88 year old Nana with me. I told her where I was going and that it would be loud and the items would be for very young people and somewhat crazy, thought may be she would want to nap while we were gone. She said 'no I will go' and she had a great time. She loved how different everything was and somehow, I am still shocked, managed the find something to buy! This great silk scarf in mint green, brown and white design with black fringe. I loved that she had such a good time and still enjoys the shop so much. Made me realize that is probably how I will be if I live that long.

So, today started as a drab day. My baby girl was not feeling good so woke up many times on top of my son usual 3-4 potty wake-up calls we hardly got any sleep. Plus since we had visitors for a few days now have been going to bed super late so that didn't help. I had to cancel my 'music concert followed by playdate/lunch at a friend's house' plans so I can take it easy. The only thing we got done in the morning was grocery shopping for the week. After some medication both kids took a nice 2 hour nap and I layed down for a bit as well and we got ourselves together for some afternoon activities. I decided since I wanted to do a post on my purchases from last Sunday I would just wear the same outfit this afternoon and tomorrow, so I got dressed and even took my photos but when I opened the door to load up the car it was pouring and stormy out. So, I totally changed clothes into long jeans and uggs etc... But then of course when we were leaving 30 minutes later the sun came out but I wasn't dressing again. Oh well... No outfit photo today but had plenty of photos and stuff to talk about above.

We had a great time by the way feeding ducks at a resort's pond with a few friends from mommy group. The gift shop lady asked 'where we were from?' and laughed when she found out we were locals.
Here is my son feeding the ducks at the pond in Paradise Point Resort
(10 minutes from my house and I had no idea...)


  1. Sorry about your lack of sleep and sick little girl! Sick kidlings is the worst! LOVE the crochet purse. Score! And I love that last photo! So sweet!


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