Friday, April 16, 2010

Daisy day, daisy night

So, this outfit was created to wear these cutest betsey yellow sandals I have for my night activity with the girls. However, when I tried it on with those shoes it just didn't have the look I was going for. Too late to figure something else out I kept the outfit with the black boot looking sandals for the day. I ordered these sandals and another pair from zappos. At a first galance I was sure I would be sending these back as they other pair was cuter. However, I realized I already had two cute looking sandals and liked the roughness of these ones. They give the feeling of boots. My mom would say they look like you took black eletrical tape and wrapped it around your ankles and feet but something about the look draw me. So kept these and sent the other ones back. The yellow tank is actually babydoll style. I like how when you tuck in babydoll cut tops they look great. The cardigan is a new find from Guess on sale. Got one in black as well as they are the type of cardigan you will have forever. Very cozy and comfy with no zippers or buttons. The shawl color can look very dressy when worn up as well.

Yellow Babydoll tank (worn tucked in) - Victoria's Secret
Khaki colored cotton cardigan - Guess - $35
Boyfriend Jeans - Newport News - $39
Belt - F21
Boot Flat Sandals - Boutique 9 - Zappos - $120
Earings - Buffolo Exchange

Today's Activities: Outdoor toddler class with the kids. Music Class in the afternoon.

Here we are at the outdoor toddler class. My son on the right, daughter in the middle and my friend's son on the left. Never seen a 3 way slide before! I had to hold the boys so they would pose before sliding down.

So, the idea was to keep the day outfit with some minor changes for the night but I was so fed up with the jeans falling off me that I changed all together.

Purple Cardigan (which always looks blue for some reason) - Gap
Scarf - from Mom who bought it in Turkey
Skinny Jeans - F21
Brown leather boots - Newport News
Dior Purse

Night Activities: Went out for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant and then drinks and bowling with 3 other mommy group friends: Mommy's night out. :)


  1. you make boyfriend jeans look sooo good!! I'm not brave enough to try them.
    Love those sandals!

  2. I really like those sandals and loved the color of the scarf. I will dig in your mom's closet when I come to visit you all one day!!


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