Friday, April 16, 2010

Lacey Rocker

My outfit choices have become increasingly difficult during the past week because I am trying very hard to only wear items I will NOT be packing to Turkey. I am concerned since I am gone for 4 months and can only take so much clothes for myself as how I am going to sustain a different combo each day. My spreadsheet list has been very helpful as I was able to select combinations that uses the same bottom or shoes etc... But without relying on my vast selection of clothes in my closet it is going to be tough. Of course it is shopping heaven there but I only have limited funds and can't go crazy. Plus as you know my favorite thing is pairing one new item with things I own and without access to everything it is going to be challanging.
Anyway, this is a very old outfit. I love this lacy top with the ruffle hem. The back is made out of cotton t-shirt material so it is very comfy to move in. These jeans were my first purchase of 'skinny' jeans. Later I realized I could get much skinnier models but I still like to wear this pair as well. I like it is cute front square pockets. For the evening I paired them with my zipper heels. I love how cute these heels are. They also great with my dark grey skinny jeans too.

For day time I wore my converses.
Lace white top - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Rock Republic 'skinny' jeans - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Zipper Heels - BCBGirls - TJ Maxx - $30
Converse - $55

Today's Activities: Sea World in the morning with playgroup. After successfull naps we ventured out to run last minute errands before our big trip. Had dinner and play date at my best friend's house with the whole family.

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  1. This is my fav outfit of yours yet I think! Wow, I am loving that shirt! I have longed for one like it for a long time!! Oh, and those heels? Perfection. And Turkey? You lucky girl! As for making a spreadsheet? That is so cool!! And hilarious. And something I would SO do!


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