Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cool in a Fedora

This is another inspired outfit from a fashion magazine. What was inspiring was the fact that again I owned all the similar items (minus the purse) in the photo, so it was great and easy to duplicate.
I have to be honest though I chickened out and did NOT wear the fedora hat after the photo shoot. Lets face it I live in San Diego, the city whose uniform is flip flops and shorts, and I just felt it would be too much. May be if I was going out to lunch with girlfriends or shopping at a nice mall I could have pulled it off. But too much for the indoor toddler class. And one more confession, the purse was not used either since I had my diaper bag. Although last summer I did use this purse as a diaper bag but didn't have the energy to transfer everything just for today.
So, this purse goes against my 'fashion rule' of not buying faux leather shoes and bags. It is faux but I absolutely love it. The color, the texture and the style can always be counted to make a 'pop out' statement with any outfit.
Here is the inspiration photo on the left... Her boots are knee length but I think my ankle high same color boots give a similar feeling. I actually think my puse looks cooler. :)

Fedora Hat - Loaner from mom who bought it in Paris
Yellow Cardigan - Victoria's Secret Catalog - $40
White tee - Target
Blue Skinny Jeans - F21
Grey Patent Leather boots - From Turkey - $100
Blue/Black lizard tote - F21 - $30
Cascading gold plated bird necklace - from a website I can't remember - $40

Today's Activities: Indoor mommy and me toddler class with the kids (it was wear yellow day). Kid Ventures in the afternoon, followed by meeting and having dinner with my sister at home.

My little man who wanted to 'do a picture with mommy'

TIP OF THE DAY: I am going to cheat and refer you to a fellow mommy blogger's website:
She had a great post on maternity wear tips.

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  1. Love that bag and necklace! And thanks for linking my blog on here!


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