Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Burberry in the Rain

So, first wore a completely different outfit today, which was really nice and I will wear it again some other time. I went outside and was faced with rain and wind and cold weather. I went right back up and literally came up with this outfit within 5 minutes. As I was searching the closet for warmer clothes came across this burberry shirt of my aunt's. Since it is a bit bigger decided to wear it as a vest over a tank top. My only pair of flat closed toe shoes are my converses but I think they go really cute with this outfit. I added black cardigan over it to complete the look.

Black Cardigan - Guess
Burberry Shirt (worn as a vest) - my aunt's
White Tank top with sequin trim - Alloy's
Dark Grey skinny jeans - Closet
White slip on converses - Converse.com
Leather bird purse - Thread Show
Chunky chain necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Stayed at home with the kids since it was rainy. After lunch I left with my aunt to Grandpa's house to help with more visitors. After hosting 6-7 people we locked up and came back to my aunt's neighborhood. Met up with the kids and the nanny and walked as much as we can before it got too cold. Had dinner at home and watched movies and listened to music (all Lion King of course). Tomorrow is the 7 day anniversary of my Grandpa's funeral. Tradition here is making this special dessert at home and distributing it to all friends relatives and neighbors. Then everyone will gather at home for prayer. Going to be another long day emotionally and physcially...

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  1. This outfit is so so cool on you. You look great. I love it!

    --good luck on tomorrow. That sounds like a hard thing!


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