Monday, May 17, 2010

Silky Red & Grandpa's Fashion

Real quick outfit post today, cause I want to dedicate majority of my post to my Grandpa's fashion tonight.
Wore my silk red blouse with dark skinny jeans and my new super bouncy and comfy red heels. Not much creativity with this outfit but these days everything is pretty rushed. Love these heels though. They are bouncy like sneakers with some major heel. Still won't attempt to wear them when we do much walking but good for some minor activity.

Red Silk Blouse - Bebe
Dark Skinny Jeans - Closet
Red Bouncy heels - Cengiz (store in Turkey)

Today's Activities: Spent the night at Grandpa's house so woke up to breakfast with my cousin, her husband, mom and stepdad. Took them for a stroll by the bay for a little while. After lunch and naps went to a park in that neighborhood. My son walked uphill the whole way which was great exercise.
Here we are at the enterance:


My Grandpa was always exteremely well dressed. Not only was we well dressed but he always had his own unique style that was followed by others. When he was somewhat younger during the time I lived with them he wore fedora hats, custom made georgous suits and handsome designer trenchcoats. I remember when he came home every night it was my job to properly take his hat and put it in the coat closet and hang his coat. As he got a bit older he started collecting canes and used them even though he didn't need them. They were his fashion statement. When he got older (after I moved to the States) and he no longer owned his business he let his hair grow and adopted a pony tail hair style. He fashioned this his french style barrettes (sp?). Instead of ties, he started collecting these neck tie style (bolero?) necklaces. My aunt made most of them as she is a famous jewelry maker. The photo above was taken professionally where you see this neck tie necklace and the hats.
Here are photos of his neck ties and belt buckes. Even his magnifiying glass was decorative with a silver chain to match his suits.

Here are the death announcements. One of the big ones is the one we gave as a family. All the rest are given by other organizations my Grandpa ran:

Here are some of the newpaper articles regarding him that came out every day after his death:


  1. Wow, that's amazing all those articles. Your grandpa sounds like he was an amazing person. Wonderful photos of him. He just looks like someone you would like to know.

    Sorry about his passing. That is so hard.

    --you look beautiful in red.

  2. This post made me cry. I thought it was just all about the lady in red. I was wrong. I'm amazed on the time spent on this article to present the story of her grandpa. Those are amazing collections that will remind his family of his existence. Thanks for sharing.


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