Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seventh Day

Today is the 7th day of my Grandpa's burial. As I explained yesterday tradition is to make a special kind of dessert at home while praying and distribute it to friends, family, neighbors and people in need so they can eat something sweet and send their prayers to the person who has passed away. I dressed casual in the morning and late afternoon for kid activities but majority of the day chose this outfit. I had purchased this top a few years ago. Then bought it to wear under velvet blazer jacket (Austin Powers look). I did have this thought it would look good with lace stockings. My original thought was this shirt, grey pencil skirt (which I have) cream lace stockings and black heels. But, I only have my black skirt so here it is. Bought these lace stockings here. They are very soft and comfy.

Above is my Grandpa's beloved "Grandfather Clock" I remember laying in bed and counting each 'dong' to figure out what time it is. I also remember him setting it every Sunday. It has many memories and thought it makes sense to pose with it on this special day.

Cream silky ruffle front blouse - Forever 21
Black stretch pencil skirt - Forever 21
Stretch belt - Forever 21
Lace cream stocking - Penti (from Turkey)
Black heels with zipper ruffle detail - BCBGirls - TJ Maxx

Today's Activities: Walked the kids to bayside looking for parades as today is 'youth day' holiday here. But we were out of luck the parade was already over by the time we went out. We fed the birds again for fun. Afterwards I changed outfits and packed up and all together went to Grandpa's house. Fed the kids and miracalously got them to go down for their naps. The guests arrived and we read prayers together as a close relative made the dessert in the kitchen. While reading prayers we all cover our heads. Below is my headscarf. This headscarf was purchased by my Grandpa when we did a family trip to Istanbul back in 2006. My aunt and him had gone for a walk together and bought a shawl for each female in the family. He had chosen this one for me cause I love pink. Since then I used it as a head scarf. Once at my son's religous ceremony and last at his funeral.


  1. You look lovely in this outfit. And the head scarf is beautiful. Traditions bring such comfort don't they? I find they can be such poignant reminders of the Eternal reminding us that this life is just the beginning of eternity.

    Oh, and WONDERFUL that you got both kids to nap today! Napping children certainly makes a stressful day easier.

  2. lovely lady! i like this look. like a Princess Grace


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