Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chic on pebbles

Today's combo consists of items I have already worn but not together like this. I wore this shirt already with blue pants and a coral belt. The jacket was worn with a red tank top underneath and the scarf was worn with a denim dress. And of course the jeans and shoes have been worn many times. I got the idea of this combo when I saw a photo of a graphic tee under a striped blazer jacket and a colorful scarf. The jacket really does not serve any purpose other than its looks. It doesn't really add any warmth so it is purely decorative. I did always take off the scarf and the jacket when I was inside the house today as it was too warm to do choose with them on. But they were OK outside.

You can see my kids chose the oddest places in the city to play. Today, they liked this tiny stone path in front of a store. My son made his leopard jump from pole to pole while my daughter picked up and threw rocks. Since we had to stand there and wait and watch thought it was the perfect time to hand the camera to my mom to take photos.

White striped short sleeved black jacket - Forever 21
Grey Tee - from Turkey a few years ago
Red Scarf - Charlotte Rousse
Skinny Blue Jeans - Forever 21
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Silver heart shaped hoop earings - Baby Phat

Today's Activities: Took the kids to park in the convention center. Got together with another mom who has a kid close to my son's age. Met her yesterday in the apartment we are staying at. She is the daughter in law of my mom's highschool friend. The little girl's name is same as mine: Defne (Daphne). This name is the most popular girl name recently. I must admit I do not like it. I liked the uniqueness of my name but now every little girl is called Defne and it bugs me. But, oh well...
After lunch and naps (only my daughter slept, my son just tossed and turned and sang in bed) we went back out. Did this pebble stone play time followed by grocery shopping. On our way home my mom decided to buy fresh fish. I absolutely love the fish here. It is sea fish so much saltier, tastier and smaller than ocean fish. Once you select your fish they gut it and clean it out. And this place cooks it and delivers it to your home for an extra 7 TL ($5). Can't beat that... Here is my son, watching the fish gutting. He kept saying 'the fish is saying stop mom'. But he had no remorse eating it at night. He ate almost the whole fish by himself. We couldn't cut it fast enough.


  1. Oh, "the fish is saying stop mom!" SO CUTE!!! I love hearing your daily activities! Truly! Thanks so much for sharing them! They always make me smile!

    And this outfit is killer. I LOVE that blazer.

  2. I loove the jacket! Too cute!


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