Friday, May 21, 2010

Nautical Knot

This is a combo put together here with some of the items I have purchased recently. Actually the whole outfit was put together so I can use this belt. Found the belt at a Mango outlet. Loved the colors and the knot middle. It barely fits. Thought these pants would be perfect to pick up that one strap of light blue in the belt. Jeans would have worked as well (might do another combo later with jeans). I do love the tulle front of this shirt but wish I could wear it without a tank underneath cause it adds unnecessary bulk. My new red shoes of course make any outfit just pop. Also notice I got my hair done a bit curly today. The hair dresser called this sea waves (su dalgasi). It looks better and better as the day goes on and the curls loosen.

White shirt with tulle front - Koton (store in Turkey)
Lace trim tank underneath - Closet
Red, navy, blue and white knot belt - Mango
Blue Slacks - Ann Taylor
Red comfy soled heels - Cengiz (store in Turkey)

Today's Activities: Got my hair dried then played with the kids on Kordon (bayside) with my mom. Got my son a new ball. There were lots of volunteer young teenagers to play with him. Below is my daughter in pigtails. I love that her hair is getting long enough. While the kids were napping and my aunt was at the house my mom and I went downstairs to a restaurant nearby to have lunch with a few of her friends. The kids took nice long naps. When they woke up it started pouring outside so we were homebound. After hosting some more visitors at home we ran to a taxi and went to an indoor mall. Had the kids play in an indoor play area (play barn) and had dinner at uncle's restaurant.

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  1. I love the waves...your hair looks great like this!
    Super fun belt also!


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