Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red in the city

Got a lot of looks today in this outfit. The shoes catch a lot of attention due to their fire red color. I love how they look with dark denim. Added the red scarf to compliment the shoes and add a bit of chicness. Again a bit matchy matchy but with limited number of clothing items I packed for this trip I don't have many options. I sure am getting a lot of use from these shoes and the dress. I have at least one more combo for the dress and a few more for the shoes.

Denim Dresss - from Turkey - 30 TL ($20)
Red Scarf - Charlotte Rousse - $10
Red Comfort sole heels - Cengiz shoe store in Turkey - 90 TL ($60)
Bird Leather Purse - Thread Show - $80
Ed Hardy gold bracelet watch - gift from Dad and his girlfriend
Evil Eye faux gold ring - Gift from Aunt

Today's Activities: Woke up early to catch the driver before he took my parents on errands to take us back to my aunt's house. When we got there unpacked and showered and walked the kids to the park. After lunch during nap time, my sister and I shopped around. Bought a pair of slippers I can wear here in the house and outside at the summer house, with socks or barefoot. And in U.S. I can use them as garden clogs. They are croc style but have super cute colorful design on them. I will do a photo today or tomorrow. Took the photos above right across from that store.
After the kids woke up took them to bayside again to feed the birds and fish and throw rocks in the water. All of which are my son's favorite activities. Tradition here is eating fresh white bread every morning. But we never finish the loaf. We keep the old stale bread slices for the fish and the bird.
In the afternoon came back to my Grandpa's house to again host visitors who are coming to wish their condolonces. Had dinner and then per my step dad's wishes celebrated my mom's birthday couple weeks early. Afterwards went out as a family to a bayside pub to have a drink. Raised our glasses to Grandpa who would have enjoyed such activity.
When we were sitting there a vendor came selling fresh raw almonds. Remember a few posts earlier I took photos of them in their greens shell which we eat with salt. Now the white soft seeds of that fruit has hardened but pure white with a brown skin. It is sold on ice. You peel the paper thin brown skin and eat the white crunchy part... See below...

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  1. Your red shoes look so cute and comfy! I love this outfit and all your accessories!


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