Sunday, June 6, 2010

Melon PInk

Not the most creative outfit today. I saw this type of a look with a melon colored top, gold necklace and black pants. But this cardigan did not have a buttons or zippers or anything to allow me to wear it alone. Wore a nude top underneath instead but the look just wasn't the same. I do like the gold bib necklace against this color top.

Below is a closer look to my new hair color. I got the front fixed so I have darker streaks with light ones now. Before they were all too light up front...

Knit Cardigan - Mom's (bought it at bazaar)
Dark grey skinny jeans - Closet
Sandals - Mom's (Target)
Gold Bib Necklace - Kohl's
Gold bracelet watch - Ed Hard (Gift from Dad)

Today's Activities: Slept in a little thanks to Mom but afterwards she left to help my aunt move so I was alone with the kids all day. Took them out but made the mistake of taking one umberella stroller. My son got tired shortly after but I had no place to put him. After all my bribes ran out, I put him in and put my baby on his lap and rushed back home. So after that morning exercise we had lunch and went down for naps (all of us). In the afternoon, the weather had cooled and looked like rain in the forecast but I took the risk and went out anyway. This time with the double stroller. Leisurely walked to the park. Kids this time spent 1.5 hours there. My daughter once again got super dirty playing with dirt against all my pleads. In the afternoons corn in the cob seller comes to the park. My son loves it. So got them two big corns to eat on the way back. Got home for dinner and baths and bed time.

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  1. Your hair looks great!
    I love the necklace with this top..


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