Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ferry Boat Style

Great photo shoot today since I was out and about with  my mom.  Bought this orange tank top from my aunt's local bazaar for 3.5TL (approx $2). Love its quality and the tunic length. Thought it looks great with cargo's to dress them up a bit. The denim vest adds interest I felt. Although I didn't keep it on most of the day as it was too hot. Bought the perfect necklace at the end of the day from a street vendor that will go absolutely perfect with this top. Next time...

Shots below are taken on the ferry boat...Notice how the stairs match my top! 
 The cover photo on top is at the pier.  My mom was able to catch the ferry passing by on the background...

Orange tank top with gold sequins - Bazaar in Turkey
Cargo Pants - Gap
Denim Vest - Forever 21
Ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: Left the house at 9 AM. Walked 20 minutes to the closest pier but we were half hour early for the boat so had a quick breakfast at a cafe facing the pier. Took the boat to one stop (photo aboove right) switched to another ferry and went to the neighborhood (Bostanli) we wanted to get to. Then we had to take the bus to the shopping center (Ege Se) that was our target. Took us 2.5 hours or so to get there. Had lunch and let the kids in the indoor play area. They loved it. Visited a toy store and bought a new shrek book on the latest movie. My son must have had us read it 5 times on the way back. Had to walk for 20 minutes in the heat to get the kids to nap in the stroller. Once they fell a sleep I could go back in the mall. We had about 30 minutes or so after that then they woke up. We took the bus back to the pier and took the two ferry boats back. My daughter decided she wanted to roll around on the boat floor. She had so much fun and since we were heading home we let her. When we reached our local pier I found the perfect hand made necklace below. The chain is leather and the stones are real. It was so pretty. We walked back 20 minutes then dipped the kids in baths for an hour. Washed every piece of clothing they had on, including their shoes. Had dinner at home and they both went to bed a little early.


  1. Looooove the denim vest. Another fabulous example of a comfy yet chic look!

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  2. Daphne the necklace is gorgeous, I have seen similar ones on a chain but not on a leather choker, it is a very pretty piece.. I have to go to Turkeey..


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