Monday, June 7, 2010

Tackling Public Bazaar

This outfit would have been much more chic with other shoes but where we were going required sturdy converse type shoes. What I was going for was the blue accessories over yellow look. Initially it was just going to be this scarf. Then realized this new bead necklace I got couple weeks ago is the same shade and looks great over the scarf. The scarf was also supposed to be tied but it kept getting undone so left it like this. While shopping bought this super cute leather ring and thought it goes great with all of it.

Yellow Tee - Closet
Blue Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Converse -
Blue Scarf - Forever 21
Blue Bead necklace - Bazaar in Turkey
Leather blue ring - Bazaar in Turkey
Wallet Purse - Coach
Zip up hoodie (tied at waist) - Delia's Catalog

Today's Activities: It was again overcast and not so hot today which was great. Got my hair done again. Here the hair dresser is literally at the bottom of the apartment. He owns the bottom floor, so it is super convenient. Afterwards mom and I took the kids out. Did not make it all the way to the park but just walked around. My daughter now likes to get out and push the stroller herself. The pace is super slow but she gets some exercise this way. My son mostly walks anyway but it is great ot have the stroller option when he gets tired or we want to walk at a normal pace. We ordered lunch from a tiny kitchen/restaurant who makes homemade meals and delivers. The food got to the house at the same time we returned. Ate lunch and put the kids down for a nap. My son didn't nap but he rested. When my daughter woke up we immediately left the house. Ventured to go to the most crowded public bazaar. We wanted to truly rough it so instead of a cab took the bus. Two kids, two umberella strollers and a crowded city bus! The good thing is when you have kids people give up their seats and everyone helps out. Some one held the strollers while others helped entertain the kids. Turkish people are known for their friendliness. Once we got out and put the kids in strollers it wasn't so bad. Went to the closed section which is very touristy. Lots of silver jewelry, hand made scarfs, anything and everything with evil eyes. This is a place you can easily go and spend hours shopping. We of course spent a quick 45 minute browse. There are also super cool closed street sections with the coziest coffee houses. We of course could not sit to enjoy them. There were also lots of toy shops which the kids loved to browse. Other than this ring and stringy bracelet did not buy much. Bought some stuff for the kids and that was it. We had all intentions to take the bus back but the right bus was not coming so we took a cab instead and got home in time for dinner.

Below are the photos of my mom and I with the kids. You can see the antique closed bazaar better in the photo with my mom (the one I took! :))

Kids of course are looking at all the colorful stuff instead of the camera:

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