Friday, June 11, 2010

Oxford Cool

Got this idea from a store poster. The model had worn white jeans with black converses. I didn't bring my white jeans but my white capris served the same purpose. I do like the pinstriped oxford shirt over the white pants. To go with the pastel white/blue look added a white scarf as well. Could have gone red scarf but wanted to keep the color scheme neutral except for the black converses. Last two days I keep forgetting to take off my wallet/purse so it is in the photos even though it is not part of my look. When I am with kids I use that purse/wallet no matter what I am wearing. Accessories are all silver. Took the tripod with me and took these myself. Had to be quick though as people kept crossing the sidewalk and giving me puzzled looks. And the kids constantly saying they wanted to go did not help either.

Pinstriped Oxford Shirt - WeiJei store in Turkey
What Capri's - D&G thrifted from sister
White Scarf - from a street vendor in Turkey
Converses -

Today's Activities: Took the kids for a morning walk around the neighborhood. On our walk we had free syrupy dessert called 'lokma'. This is cooked on the street and distributed to public for free in return for prayer to a person that has passed away. The family pays for this on the 50th anniversary of their loved one's death. We'll be doing the same for my grandpa mid summer. My son was very interested of course in this activity and the sweet food. See photos below. Afterwards we went to a bakery to buy wheat bread and this giant bread had come out of the oven. It as giant. I had to take a photo.  
Came home for lunch and naps. Amazingly they slept pretty good today. After naps, had quick snacks and took a cab to the indoor play area we hosted my son's b-day party. It was perfect. 2.5 hours of high activity playtime in a nicely Air Conditioned place. I did have to run after my daughter most of the time but I did get a few minutes here and there to sip a couple cups of tea at least. Afterwards walked to a home store (just like Home Depot in the States) bought some darkenning shades for the summer house than walked to the playground right next door as we waited for my cousin to pick us up and take us home. Had dinner and put the kids down for bed time. We have a new nanny that started late so we immediately took advantage and left her home with the sleeping kids and went to see the new 'Sex and the City' movie with my cousin and his girlfriend. Loved it. It made me homesick for the states. I realize now I consider both countries my home. I miss Turkey when I am there and I do miss the States when I am here. Unfortunately the kids decided to wake up 2-3 times each after we went to bed at 2:30 AM. It was a long tiring night, but a fun day.

Here is my Son with his 'Lokma' dessert in front the cook who is shaping them by hand and throwing them in the boiling oil to fry. Another guy takes them out and pours syrup and distributes...
Here is the dessert close up:

Here is a photo of the giant wheat bread. Apparently it is called 'whale bread'. They cut as much as you want and even slice it and sell it by weight...

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