Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple Picking


So, again not crazy about this day's outfit either. It is just one of those weekends that was a lot of fun but not so happy about my outfits. Also because the weather got warmer again and that is totally not inspiring me. I do like this tank top. It has an attached sheer vest. It also had a resin chain belt and a flower pin but didn't like the with this outfit.  These are my new denim leggings. You can see they totally sagged after an hour drive up to the orchards in the car. Lesson learned when buying stretch jeans or leggings do not buy a size up. They feel tight in the dressing room and you think I should get a bit bigger so they are comfy. Big mistake. Within 10 minutes of wear they stretch out so you need them to feels super tight when you put them on to keep their shape. I am upset I didn't get these in a smaller size. I do like how the cuff sandals went over the leggings.

You can see the feather earings I am wearing in this photo:

Enjoying some of the apples we picked. They were so yummy...

Nice rows and rows of dwarf apple trees:

Kids are having a blast picking apples:

Tank top with attached vest - Forever 21 (old)
Denim leggings - Guess (new - on sale)
ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret (spring 2010)
Feather earings - Forever 21 (spring 2010)

Saturday's and part of Sunday Activities: Well, not hard to guess what we did. I spent Friday night at my girlfriend's house so we got the 4 kids dressed and fed and packed up for the hour drive up to a town called 'Julian' for some good old fashioned apple picking. My first time actually. The orchard had dwarf trees which are perfect for kids to pick apples right at their height. The apples were tiny which is also perfect for them to enjoy each variety without getting full. It was a bit chaotic afterwards to feed them lunch and clean them up and packed back in the car. After half hour of struggle they finally all fell a sleep so it was peaceful. Had a bit of a playtime at my house before they headed back home and us to Grandma's. Left off the kids there and met my sister for some time off time and fun shopping. Visited our usual discount stores (Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe) and some sale racks of Bebe and Banana Republic. Wanted to check out so much more but stores close by 9 PM as you know and we didn't have enough time. Did score some great layering pieces at great prices. Came home and continued browsing via internet and went to sleep super late. But got to sleep in (8:30 Am was as late as I could go, my body is just wired). As a treat watched my own show on TV while having breakfast instead of lion king sing alongs. Played dress up with sister trying on outfit combos with the stuff we bought. So much fun. I guess never too old to play that.

With both kids, they both have some jonathan's (type of green apple) in their hands...

Just look at these apples. They don't have that gloss grcoery store bought ones do and taste ten times better:


  1. I understand, I am not that inspired to dress up too, the heat is just crazy annoying.

    Looks like a great day, you all look so cute and having fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Cute denim leggings...looks like fun:)

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  3. You look great!

  4. Love your blog! Please visit/join mine:)

  5. LOVE the feather earrings. Apple picking looks like fun... looking forward to warmer weather here. Planning on going berry picking on the inlaws farm.


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