Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lavendar Jeans

Another non inspiring outfit for me. I initially had these jeans with a mint and black top but needed more to pull it together and in the midsts of morning rush couldn't come up with anything else. So wore this tee which does have a touch of pink and lavendar in it. I feel it still needs something, like a scarf or a jewelry but I simply did not have the time. This is why I create my lists otherwise with two kids and deadline of leaving the house by 8:30 AM I would never pull off cool outfits. Sorry to be complainning again but can not wait until this weather cools off....

'Lost Tee' - Target (old)
Lavendar Jeans - Forever 21 (old)
Black Cardigan - Guess (early 2010)
Converses - (early 2010)
Black leather belt - Ralp Lauren

Tuesday's Activities: Posting a day old. We went to the outdoor preschool class with the kids. Once again even though it is just at a regular park because there are so many kids they have a great time and play for hours. I decided to use the halloween art project the kids are making in all these classes and events as house decorations. They look so authantic and great. Will take a photo soon and show.
After naps my friend came over with her two kids for another slumber party this time at our house. We baked an apple pie and made caramel apples with the fresh apples picked at Julian the other day. Thought it would be a super fun project for kids but they were slightly interested in using the apple peeler and the caramel dipping was a total disaster as my son touched the hot caramel and burned his finger. But the treats came out good at least.
see some photos:


  1. I can feel your busy scedule ,I have 3 children myself.It's a sweet struggle.This lavender jeans are just awesome.!

  2. So cute!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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