Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unusual color combination

So, I was very happy with today's outfit. Except I feel it looked so much better in real life than in these photos so hopefully my instintcts were right. I was inspired to bring these colors together by the photo below:

The main thing that attracted me to this look was the velvelt purple jacket and the fact that I had one hanging in my closet from years ago. I fell in love with this jacket right away and so muc that I bought it even though it was too big and they didn't have it in a smaller size. Yet, I always had a tough time wearing it. I love the idea of pairing these unusual colors of teal, army green, purple and pink! You would never think these would work together but somehow they do. Amazing that this teal simple v-neck from Target has been worn so much as a great layering piece. Another great thing about this look is that except for the scarf everything is stuff I had in my closet for a while. The scarf is a new purchase from TJ Maxx. It is double layered and made out of soft t-shirt material. I love the colors of rusty red, teal, turqoise and touches of lavendar and pink and anchored with black and ivory. What is cooler is it has gold studs scattered all over the scarf. It is long enough to do a double wrap which I did at first but I needed to keep it long to off set the crop jacket.
My main pink item for the October challange though is my pink flat pointy toe shoes. They have colorful stiching all over. Oh, lastly the vintage looking earings go perfect with the vintage cut jacket I thought.


Purple velvelt crop jacket - Forever 21 Vintage (very old)
Teal Tee- Target (old)
Green cargo pants - Bebe (old)
Pink pointy toe flats - they have a brand name but I can't read it... (old)
Cotton scarf - Ed Hardy (new from TJ Maxx)
Earings - Forever 21 (new)

Today's Activities: My husband worked from home today so we could hang out with him all morning. Kids are all over him as they missed him so much. We went to swim class then had lunch at a Mc Donalds with a big slide play area with a friend so they could get some fresh air in this overcast day. After naps (only daughter napped) all of us including my husband went to the music class together. I had already arranged with my other mommy friends to invite their husband and one did. After the class we went to a kid friendly pizza house all together. It was chaotic as usual but fun.


  1. I think those colours go well! That jacket is such a beautiful lush colour and I love that scarf too! Enjoy hubby being home!

  2. I love this look! I love how it mixes so many elements, but doesn't look over the top!


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