Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stripes in the Park

It is still warm but starts off chilly and foggy so I can somewhat get away with an outfit like this at least part of the day. Have to admit the scarf had to come off when it was boiling hot at the park. Got this top from forever 21. Love its puff sleeves. The grey stripes are perfect to wear on top of the new grey denim leggings. Although you will notice they sag so quickly. I am not sure I am digging the denim legging look if they are going to sag right away. Black would have been a go to color but I wanted to be different so went with brown boots. Added the red scarf for a pop of color. I have a few other combo's with this top and bottom pretty much just playing with the shoes and the neck pieces.

These two are taken at the park... We took the caramel apples we made yesterday with us, they were yummy...

These are in front of my garage. Again taken after I have strapped the kids in and before we head out.

striped tunic top - Forever 21 (new)
Grey denim leggings - Elle at Kohl's (new)
Brown lace up boots - Steve Madden (new)
Red Scarf - Forever 21 (early 2010)

Today's Activities: Of course my son slept the entire night without getting up cause he was in my bed. We gave up his room for his buddy who slept over. Woke up and fed the 4 kids breakfast with my friend. Lounged around and had the kids play and watch DVDs (taking turns picking) and then went to the park late morning. Came home for lunch and naps. Will be picking up my husband from the airport this afternoon. Super excited. Posting early...

Here are the kids eating the caramel apples at the park:


  1. I love the striped top...and yes saggy bottoms are the worst!

  2. This is such a cute Parisian look! I love the red scarf against the stripes!

  3. Cute outfit, I've always loved red, black, and white together!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. LOL@ strapping the kids in first so that you can take your pics! hehe
    Glad your hubby is back, must've been so hard...?! (or not?) Mine is off for 5 days for work in a few weeks and I'm going to have to gear up for it! :)

  5. I seriously need some boots like that!

  6. Your kids are SO CUTE. Just like their mommy! ;-)!

    I love the stripes with the scarf. And the awesome!

    heart: Kimberellie


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