Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting into Halloween Spirit

It is super warm again here. I am not insptired cause I can't wear anything form my fall/winter list. But I was happy to put today's combo together. We had pumpkin patch plans in the afternoon so decided to wear a halloween themed outfit. I bought this top from Disneyland last month. It is actually a kids top but in XL it fits just fine. I love that it could be worn during halloween time frame or any other time as it is very subtle. Decided to make it interesting by topping thme on these slight animal print leggings. The grey and black goes great under purple and compliments the grey/black design colors on the top. The top however was too crop over the leggings so wore this pink tank underneath to give more booty coverage. To make it even more interesting paired the whole outfit with the cream ruffle boots. The boots take the ouffit from a total casual top over leggings look to something chic (at least I think so anyway)... Last but not least accessorized with the charm necklace and the big pink ring. So finally incorporating some pinks today for the challange!

All photos taken on the front porch of my house after I finally put up the Halloween decorations yesterday...

Purple hoodie top - Disney from Disneyland (new)
Pink lace trim tank - Closet (old)
Animal print grey/black leggings - Target (new)
Cream leather ruffle boots - Newport News Catalog (old)
Charm necklace - Betsey Johnson (old)
Pink ring - gift from mom

Today's Activities: Finally got to put up the halloween decorations up yesterday. Kids loved the activity. This morning we went to our preschool class. Swapped places with my mom midway so I can go to my dr's appt and she took over the kids. Even squezzed in a grocery shopping before getting home. Kids did not really nap. Mom and I took them to a pumpkin patch and met a friend there. Kids enjoyed most of the rides mostly the huge jumpy slides. Bought a few big pumpkins for decorations as well. Had a nice dinner home and hung out just me and the kids. My husband returns day after tomorrow! YEAY!


  1. I love the booties, they're adorable! The little touches of pink are perfect. :)

  2. The top is super cute and you're right on the boots adding a chic quotient.

  3. Love your leggings!

  4. I'm in a Halloween(y) mood myself! Love your skeleton!


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