Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bump in Style

So, I had a little bit of time in my hands and was searching for other mommy bloggers on fashion and style. Found a mommy who has a website on fashion. Of course apparently I fogot to bookmark it and can't find it now to reference. But, I do remember registering to her website so as soon as she has a new post I should get a notification and will find her site again. Hopefully. Anyway, she had her pregnancy looks on the site and gave me an idea to post mine.

I, like her, also loved being pregnant. My son who I call the 'in vitro mircale' or 'my AA' was an IVF baby and total miracle. We wanted him so bad that when I got pregnant, I actually welcomed every symptom of pregnancy including morning sickness as a blessing, because it meant I was still pregnant. Must be due to this extereme happiness, and my healthy eater self all of a sudden craving junk food, that I ganed close to 50 lbs! But, I didn't care. I found the cutest outfits and dressed up as usual. Due to heavy weight gain I didn't wear form fitting tops but instead opted for babydoll styles.  Unfortunately I can't find my original photos and these are copies from my online gallery. 
1st one: Valentine's Day Feb 2007. Arden B tank top, cashmere wrap around seater, yoga style plazzo pants. None are maternity.
2nd One: Mexico Cruise, March 2007 - Capri maternity jeans, maternity top, sketchers sneakers
3rd One: Mexico Cruise again - Yellow/white set from 'Pea in the Pod', white and gold sandals
4th One: Easter 2007, Bloomingdales Aqua Dress (not maternity), Steve Madden navy flats

My 2nd Pregnancy:
I call my daughter the 'natural wonder' or the 'fighter'. So, after an IVF baby, I got pregnant naturally but miscarried at 7 weeks. After major depression and trying again for 2 months got pregnant again. 5 weeks into it, day after a Dr appointment with no sign of heart beat, I started bleeding and showing the same signs of miscarriage. Waiting out a horrifying weekend, at 6 weeks we found out the little fighter had a strong heart beat. But, the Dr's still were afraid of miscarriage as it was surrounded by blood. But, my little girl was strong and held on.
And I loved my body with her pregnancy. I only gained 20 lbs total and had a perfectly shaped (basketball like) bump. I wore nice and form fitting tops and dresses and loved to show it off. Luckily found the originals of these...

This is in October 2008. I am 17 weeks pregnant. Pea in the Pod maternity dress (hand me down from my sister-in-law), the same banana republic cardigan I wore yesterday, white guess flip flops. Silver locket necklace (gift from my mother-in-law). Guess cream/gold sunglasses.

Halloween 2008. I am almost 5 months pregnant.  My best friend is 2.5 months ahead of me. See, I told you guys I wore that top during pregnancy. Maternity jeans. Necklace a gift from my mother-in-law. Headband that amazingly matches the top from charlotte rousse.

This is in Manchester, NH, early Nov 2008. I am 21 weeks pregnant.
Brown Banana Republic top, khaki color velour sweats, pea in the pod maternity boucle coat, corchet hat. Ugg boots.

6 Mos pregnant. Late Nov 2008. F21 Dress, blue tights. I wore this with my cognac colored leather slouch boots and brown chloe purse. It was so cute.

December 2008. With my hubby. 7 Mos pregnant. Loved this dress from 'pea in the pod'.
Last but not least... Jan 2009 at Palm Dessert. I am 7.5 mos pregnant. Teal top from Macy's, over black yoga pants, bebe black sneakers.

I wish I had taken more photos. I took these to make a collage of my 10  mos of  pregnancy (not sure why they always say 9 mos in movies. 40 weeks of pregnancy is close to 10 mos. A brutal truth I found out when I first got pregnant).

I highly recommend taking photos each month (around the same time if you can remember) to make a little album for your little one. Some mommy's like to show their bare tummy but since I have a son I wanted photos he wouldn't be emberassed to look at. I have a mini album for both kids.


  1. Your little ones are beautiful. Thanks for following me. Following you and your nice blog back:)

  2. Love all the fabulous photos. You were gorgeous preggers! Thanks for the sweet comment on my guest post at Journey Chic. : )

  3. Hello Mommy Daph!
    You were pretty in all your preggy photos.
    Huh, I guess I am the ugliest person being pregnant. I gained a lot of weight. I was very fat!

    P.S. Thanks for the comment. I am glad hubby is there to help me on taking my photo.


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