Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burgandy not red

The debut of one of the yesstyle dresses. This was the one I thought it was more red and came out more of a maroon burgandy color. I am making the most of the unexpected color.

Added the blush cardi which goes nicely with this color and added the pink beret solely cause I am having a bad hair day and did not have time to deal or wash the hair this morning.

Since the dress is quite mini on me I added leggings instead of tights so I can be purely comfortable today with the kids. The flat boots are OK I guess. I just didn't have any other ideas for shoes in the rush. I have on these very delicate earings on which forgot to take a photo of and my pink/gold heart cuff watch.

Dress - yesstyle.com
Cardi & Beret - Forever 21
Boots - Juicy Couture
Watch - Betsey Johnson

Today's Activities: Had to leave the house by 8:30 AM this morning so we can drop off my car at the repair shop then get into my hubby's car and drop him off his work. We had the electrician come at 7 AM and finished his work before we left. Since we had driven to that area decided to make today's activity hanging at the mall by my husband's work. Of course no mall opens at 9:15 AM so we hung out at the outdoor play area in the mall. Ran into a mommy friend by chance and had the kids play together until the mall opened.
There are so many places I love shopping for kids' clothes. Love Target and Children's place the best. Especially for girl clothes. I always browse TJ Maxx and Nordstrom rack too for brand name clothes. Hurley and Guess are my faves for boys. But I have discovered last season that Sears has a few brands for boys that make the cooles and hippest clothes. They are brands like 'Scorce', Rocketes' (sp?) and Dickies. The designs are very cool usually music, rock'n'roll, skull and skateboard type designs. the shorts are long bermuda style instead of the short shorts oskosh or Target makes. Hence, we did a big batch shopping for him for some summer shorts and tees etc... His size stuff is right next to the toy isles so I was able to have the kids check out the toys while I put outfits together.
We then did hit Children's place and I did buy him an Easter outfit. Hit outfit colors this year will be white, tan and black. Got him white jeans, a black linen shirt with rolled up sleeves, an argyle white/tan/black vest and a khaki linen blazer jacket. To dress it all down I might have him wear black flip flops underneath. We have to see. Of course this outfit will probably not match my daughter's. She has a couple brand new dresses bought my family so I was just going to have hear wear one of those.  Have no idea what I am wearing yet either. We'll probably all be in different colors. Oh well.
Afternoon was psycho crazy. We stayed home and my husband was working late and getting a ride so alone with the kids I accomplished a crazy list of chores, pruned all the front flowers, watered them, cleaned and filled the now fixed fountain during which the kids got completely soaked so had to strip them down and do an early bath. Put away all the clothes we bought, do 3 loads of laundry (was supposed to be 2 but got distracted and started a load half full apparently). Then had to cook dinner, feed and clean up, shower myself then get them ready for bed, stories read and down. I am beyond exhaustion at this point!

Here is our pool after it is totally demo'd:

By this afternoon the new coping was in progress: 

Oh and here is one of the trees before (left) and after (right) it has been pruned. We plan to put a play structure under this tree so wanted all the lower branches cut... 


  1. The blush cardigan completes the whole look!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Stylish boots,love them!!!Amazing dress too!

  3. i love it with the boots. amazeballs boots, by the way! did you get slapped with any taxes/fees from yesstyle? always hesitant to order because of the unknown! some people say they did, some don't.
    btw - 95% of the time i take my own photos. no tripod...just whatever i can find around me to prop my camera on! on weekends i may get the help of mini-she :)


  4. Smart choice pairing that sweater with the dress: they match beautifully. And the boots are cute!

  5. Okay, those boots ROCK! WOW! I love them! I think this outfit looks so comfortable yet so stylish and the hat is terrific just pulls it all together. I LOVE hats:)



  6. Super cute - adore thosee boots! I love this look so much!

  7. I think the hat is the perfect accent to this outfit...and I *love* the little details on the boots! Very nice!

  8. The blush color looks so pretty with the burgundy. I like the boots too!


  9. I love your dress and this complete look is just adorable!
    the front zippers are a little unusual for me but the boots are super chic..

    you have such a cute smile btw :))

    thx for your lovely comments honey, you made me so happy this morning :D

  10. Great, sweet and cute look.
    I am in love with your boots and your dress is a dream .... very 'special' color.



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