Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chic Red Pants

Told you I would be wearing a different oufit tonight. So here it is.
The inspiration came from the following chictopia post:

I think hers are leggings but these new capri red jeans I bought also worked. I just opened up their cuffs so they ended right where the ankle cuff boots started...

These are the only grey shoes I own but they totally worked fine...You know how I am against matching but no other purse looked with this outfit besides the matching grey patent tote...

Wore a striped tunic under for interest even though you see very little of it. This scarf is big and rich and adds great accent. I have it paired with quite a few outfits.
The navy blue and silver cuff is a present from India from my Husband's work trip. The solid silver cuff is from Mexico and the ring is from thread show... 

I actually carried out this antique 3 legged stool out so I can pose sitting! The kids had bunch of questions as to why I was taking furniture outside...

The navy blazer is thick and soft suede like. On loan from my mom. Has a matching vest too.  Just ignored the gold buttons and decided to pick the silver from the scarf in accessories and purse instead.

Navy Blazer -Mom's
Striped tunic and red pants - Forever 21
Scarf - H&M
Boots - From Turkey
Bracelet - from India
Cuff - from Mexico
Ring - Thread Show
(wow a lot of international pieces in this outfit I realize now!)

TONIGHT's ACTIVITIES: Drove to my husband's work to pick him up and then he dropped me off on the way at the restaurant I was meeting my mommy friend's and took the kids home. I was again at the end of patience by the time I got out. I realized I think I am so exhausted this week cause the preschool is on spring break and other than monday I did not have much adult interaction during the day and it is showing. I realize now I need some sort of adult conversation to survive. As much as I love my kids and can't help but smile when my daughter asks for the 7th time 'where we are going' in Turkish in her kid accent I am about to loose it. Glad I at least had two outings this week at night to make up for lack of adults during the day...
We had a very nice dinner followed by stroll and coffee with the two girlfriends. Conversation flowed easily and we laughed so much which is exactly what I needed...

I know you just can't get enough of my backyard remodel but since you follow my activities everyday, I have to keep reminding you that the yard project is taking a huge chunk of our lives right now. So must share...

Here is the accent tile we picked for our spa wall. This will be surrounded by solid blue tiles... 

These are the tiles picked for the 'water line' area of the pool. I guess at some point I need to take photos of the similar tiled areas all around my house so you can understand why we picked these mediterranean influnced look... 

Here are the tiles laid partially. They haven't been grouted yet and they have tape on them so not as shiny as they would be once done.... 
I will do full photos tomrrow when tile work and the coping is totally finished.


  1. so casual and chic.. love your mom's blazer too, but I love it as it is with gold buttons etc. :)

    I totally understand you about the kids and your complaint about the lack of adult activities :)
    it must be difficult but I see it's temporary..
    I also have admit that I adore you, how you handle everything.. I better watch you closely ;)

    like your tiles btw, very mediterranean indeed! :)

  2. Red and blue is always a perfect combination of colors!!!Very chic!

  3. You are on the cutting-edge! I love the trendiness of red pants. They look great on you.

  4. Nice looking :)trendy and chic..
    Trousers and shoes look very comfortable also ;)
    According to me the best pose is the one which you stand in front of the wall with a stripe shirt.

    Your kids look realy cute :))
    Sometimes being a mummy or handling the daily routines is so hard but we always find a way to feel better ourselves like the way you' ve done.
    Having a cup of coffee, chating with couple of friends or creating new posts always work ;)))

    look farward to see your spa at the end :) xxx

  5. i dont think i can pull off red pants very well.

  6. Love the pics :)) U look amazing ;)) xxx

  7. I absolutely love this outfit-the pants, the bag, the scarf, the shoes. It's all great!

  8. your pool is going to be beautiful...Love all your amazing jewelry today! Some days whne I am home with the boys all day I just crave an adult conversation. I find myself talking to the checkout person at the store or even the mailman.

  9. You look amazing! I love your red jeans, stunning outfit!!! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment:)


  10. I love all the different ways you style these pants! They are surprisingly versatile!

  11. I really like how you styled your red pants. I need to find a pair for myself.

  12. YES, we need adult interaction, right?? i'm craving some of that right's been way too long. i love this outfit, and i think with all the other colors and patterns, the matchy shoes and bag is fine! glad you had a nice time with friends.

  13. Love this look, really chic! Those tiles for your pool are gorgeous - can't wait to see it all finished and full of water!


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