Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Plaid Shirt

Participating in Two Bird's Inspiration Monday once again.
If you would like to participate next week click on the button on the right side of my blog or check this link in a couple days for rules and next week's photo.

Here was the outfit photo that was selected for this week: 

Notice how I even did the car pose to create the full effect! :)
This was almost too easy for me. I like a little bit of a challange but it works. I even had a plaid shirt in very similar color hue as hers.

Since my shirt was not crop I half tucked it in to avoid looking too baggy. No way I was going to do that underwear showing over my jeans look so this was as far as I was willing to go. Instead of a pale pink belt which I think what she has I went with  my distressed and studded silver one.

What was killing me is that I ordered cream summer boots that are very similar to her but they have not arrived yet. I actually first ordered these Victoria's Secret ones in tan (click for link)

but then found much much cheaper ones at Target from Dolce Vita and returned the VS ones and waiting for the Target shipment.

Cream wedges would have been perfect under this. Oh well, for today brown wooded platforms were substutied and looks ok I think... 

For the daytime with the kids I switched to my flat rugged brown boots instead and added a coco colored shrug on top as it was drizzly and cool in the morning... 

Plaid Blouse, Heels - Forever 21
Boyfriend cuffed jeans - Newport News
Belt - Target

To see all the others interpreting the same look click HERE!

TODAY's ACTIVITIES: It is spring break for the kids' school so have made plans all last week to meet some friends for activities. This morning we met with some of the mommies from our mommy group at an indoor cafe/play area. This is much  much smaller than the indoor play area we go by my house but it is something different for the kids and they do have an outside area with a big slide climbing structure as well. And very good lunch food. We hung out there until nap time.
After naps we will either stay home and invite a friend for a playdate or go to the other play area with the friend since it is cold and overcast outside. And at night getting together with the preschool mommy group at a ceramic cafe. Should be fun. Have no idea what I am going to make yet and I have never been.

It is crazy at my house. This morning I had to greet 3 different contractors to start work all at the same time. Pool crew is demo'ing the pool today. This is much worse than the concrete demo where they jack hammer holes then break it up. This one it is non stop jack hammering.
I had an electrician that is re-doing a conduit line that was corroded as well as putting couple new outlets and fixing our outside plus to code etc... Then finally have a tree service that is trimming two big trees and taking out a dead tree and a on old stump from the yard.
I had walk thru with each one, went over their work, paid some a deposit than introduced them to each other and left. It was hectic.

Here is the pool this morning after we drained the water all weekend long. Tomorrow I will take a photo of the demo'd pool and post that. You know cause you care so much! :) 

Oh, here are the tea party photos my daughter attended last wednesday that I never got to post...
Here is my daughter all dressed in her 'Belle' costume:

All the princesses waiting to inside the tea room:  

Positioned for tea party to start:


  1. Great outfit and I LOVE those shoes!!

  2. Very cute look. I love that you posed next to the car.

  3. I really like your take on the look. I think you got it just right. I love that we both did the car shots. Great minds think alike and all that.

  4. aww, come showing of the boxers, lol?? you got this right on! love those target shoes!! just checked it out...of course they don't have my size. rats.

  5. I agree that your pictures by the car was a fun idea. Your outfit looks great, and I especially love those wonderful shoes you are wearing!

  6. I think the shirt is pretty perfect for the whole thing! :-) And I love that you recreated the pose as well, it refines the whole thing!

    Relatable Style

  7. You totally nailed that look! Love it!

  8. Hi, Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes dropping by to say hello and introduce myself. The Two Birds are really bringing everyone together and I am going to follow everyone who participated in this so that we can stay connected. Drop in anytime. Love your outfit, especially the shoes and shoe post. Glad to know you. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  9. I love your rendition of Gwen's look! So perfect for errands running!

  10. She is beautiful....sooo sweet!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  11. Love this look - and what a smart idea to all participating. So much fun. ANd how adorable is your daughter - I have 2 girls myself - one princess and one tomboy :O)
    A xx

  12. i love those platforms you are wearing! great looks just like her!

  13. Hello!

    Thanks for stopping by OAGJ. I actually didn't plan to by the complete outfit at the Goodwill it kind of was just luck:) I have wanted a plaid shirt all winter but I couldn't find a plaid I actually liked and didn't make me look like a lumber jack. I LOVE your plaid shirt. I wanted one that looked more like that but couldn't find one. As far as jeans go, I only own one pair and they aren't boyfriend jeans. I need a couple more pairs of jeans but don't like slouchy style so the $4 I paid was perfect. The shoes were a bonus:)

    Anyway, so glad I found your blog and excellent work on recreating Gwen's outfit:)

    Sincerely and with thanks,


  14. You look sweet and stylish. I like the shoes and the target ones you are ordering. It's nice to meet other mummies who takes the effort to dress up instead of getting stuck in PJs all day long. Can't wait to see your beautiful pool. And your daughter looks so cute! I am your newest follower! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to connect with you.

    love mongs

  15. Hi Daphne
    Thanks for your comment. I love your tartan shirt. Bet you can't wait to get those Target shoes - looks like they'll go with everything.
    Lori xo

  16. love your take on Gwen's look...your poses look great...those shoes are killer!!. Your daughter looks adorable for her tea party!

  17. I love those shoes!!! I want it to be warm enough to wear sandals :(
    Glad you didn't do the underwear thing. At first I couldn't figure out what that was in the original picture. I mean, I thought it was underwear but I refused to believe that it really was.

  18. Every time I see your shoes I think they are beautiful and I want to find the same ! You did a great and personal version of the Gwen outfit !

  19. You did a great job with this outfit. The jeans are a really good fit and I love the shoes!

  20. LOVE this! so cute. i'm bummed you didn't do the underwear though :P and how awesome are those DV for Target shoes! I saw some and nearly broke my shopping fast because i wanted them sooooooo bad. they were on sale for $19.99 so i nearly freaked and gave in. but i didn't :(

    my daughter would've LOVED the tea party. also, thanks for the tip on baby powder for getting sand off. i had no idea!


  21. I like your version of Gwen's outfit!:D

    ***** Marie *****

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