Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday - Nursery

Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover blog hosts Pink & Green Thursdays...
I have been wanting to do this for quite some time as my daughter's room is all about pinks and greens (and blues)...

The theme I picked for my princess was 'Pastel Forest' I got the inspiration from Pottery Barn's owl bedding.
My step dad who is an artist drew this tree on her wall. Used the pottery barn christmas butterfly ornaments to create 3D butterflies around the tree.

He drew out the branches on contact paper then cut out shelves out of wood and painted them same color as the tree trunk to create these 3-D shelves...
I swear (and all my friends are my witness) I was all into owls way before they were all popular and fashionable.  

 My mom bought a whole box of porcalein forest animals as a shower gift and I placed them all around the room. You can see the birds (the nest is a find from pottery barn and another shower gift from my friend) and the owl. The owl frame was an Anthropologie clearence find.

Had to go with the PB bedding since that was my inspiration after all. We got the crib and the changing table used and the recliner was the one we bought when my son was born.

We have a dark out pull up blind as well as wooden blinds. The sheer curtains on the side are just decorative.

This lamp was from my nursery! My mom saved it. I just bought a new cover and trimmed it with pom poms myself.  When you turn the little sleeping kitty the girl rocks and the boy turns around and plays a cute lullaby. The table is from Ikea. When breastfeeding it held my pump and all the pump equipment. Again another hand me down from my son's room.

Found these delicate wooden letters at a boutique in bird rock La Jolla...

My sister ordered this pillow as a shower gift...

These huge pink shelves are from Ikea. They are giant and big and thick. We had to play around with the arrangement for quite sometime before finding the perfect spot for them where they didn't over power the room. The top two shelves contain vintage toys either from my own childhood or bought from antique stores.
Except thos stacking green suitcases are from Land of Nod.

You might say she doesn't have many toys or books that is because most of the stuff is in my son's room which you will see one day is the size of a family room! 

Here is the changing station. Like I said the table is a craig's list purchase. The cabinet was already in this room when it was a guest room.  

The hooks are shower registry gifts from PB.
Found the little plaque from TJ Maxx... 

I have done a cross sitch sampler for each one of my kids. This is my only artsy talent by the way is to cross stich! These samplers are quite involved and take pretty much entire pregnancy to complete. The name and the info gets stiched by me after birth. 

Found this Red Envelope growth chart at a warehouse sale for $10. And same as the quilt which hangs ont he wall behind the door to cover the electric power box!

My mom's friend had this as a ribbon on her shower gift. 

And of course the Princess that resides here:

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  1. What a beautiful room! I just love the butterflies!

  2. WHat an adorable room! I'd love to have you link up with me for Fashion Friday's tomorrow. If you want to, check out my blog for the button! Have a great night. Kori xoxo

  3. how great is this room?! i'm so in love with that tree with the shelves. it is absolutely fabulous. and your little juliet is adorable!

  4. So cute this room!!!Juliet is beautiful!!!

  5. this room reminds me the story which name is Hansel and Gretel :)
    instead of house looks like a candy room.
    The details are lovely and your kids look so so cute. Wonder if you can create new posts with the latest photos of your kids

  6. Wow, I love that mural! Especially how the birds nest is 3D next to the 2D tree. So creative. That's the bedding I wanted, too, but my mom-in-law ended up making our bedding.

  7. every details are sooo cute like your doughter! love her dear and love her room! :) lucky girl ;) kisses

  8. What a great room! Love all the little personal touches here and there. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Juliet loves her room and it is very cute and my favorite pieces are Your cross stitch ,the mural and the lamp which was yours ones upon a time and you slept with the music it was playing:)

  10. What an absolutely beautiful room, truly fit for your precious Princess Juliet! (Love her name, how lovely!) I adore the little details you incorporated - and that pink bookshelf is just perfect!! xoxoxo

  11. how lovely! this is the perfect room for a little girl. and i love the mural on the wall and how personal it is. you've inspired me!


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