Monday, October 17, 2011

In Good Spirits

Another quick post cause I know you are just dying to hear my adventures.
I u caught yesterday's post you know that I got stuck in Philadelphia while my family and friends continued to Jamaica due to expired passport!
Today was a much better day. After sleeping for 12 hours I woke up to put on new and fresh clothing and had a nice complimentary breakfast at the hotel before checking out.
Stepped into a bright but chilly weather and complimented my self for getting the wool pancho. It was nice feel fall weather u know in fall. Unlike our low 80s san diego climate.

Then of course a few set backs occurred. The passport photo place that was supposed to open at 8 was not! Instead of waiting and risking my time I asked around to find wallgreens all the way up 8 blocks (where I was yesterday) also does them! Brisk walk and a quick and horrible photo taken in bad store lighting of me lacking hair products, flat iron and make-up later, I rushed back and made it in time to the custom house.
Took different streets each way so I can sight see.
After couple hours and $170 later I was releived to find out I can pick up my brand knew passport this afternoon.
Since I had to stay in the area for 4 hours I decided to make the most of my unfortunate situation and play tourist. And oh man what a city. From independence hall to liberty bell I was surrounded by history. I wowed to bring my kids to cities like this and Boston and D.C. So they can learn this nations history in person and not just from books. Even bought couple kid books that simplfy the stories of Decleration of Independce and the us constitution.
Promptly at 2pm I picked up my passport and felt so free and happy.
On my way back to the train station browsed a used bookstore since I had finished my water soaked book of yesterday. I tried to buy a book while waiting for my photo at the drugstore but the selection sucked.
I need to be moved by either the story or the writing or both. And drugstore bestsellers just did not carry these qualities.
At the used bookstore I found a copy of 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest by Ken Kesey. I love reading classics and have not read this so why not?

Arrived at the ridicilously expansive Marriott that is actually connected to the airport. I must say though I feel right at my element here. From the brand name bath products to the comfy and cozy bed and the room service this is the type of hotel I am used.
I plan to eat early and go to bed early again and can't wait to get on that flight and finally re-unite with my family. At this point I do not plan on parting from my kids ever again for a long time. I am so sick of missing them all the time at this point.
Hope you guys continue to enjoy the scheduled posts.
I took ton of photos with a temporary camera but couldn't figure out how to download to my husband's mac. It just wouldn't work. Oh well... Will share those when I return one day.


  1. Sound like you had a pretty nice day. It's great to hear about real life stuff! Have a great week!

  2. Glad your snafu is working out okay. I was worried about you.

    Philly can be a fun place. I visited two months ago and posted about it. My favorite place was The National Constitution Center which had a terrific presentation of history.

    Good luck in getting to Jamaica!

  3. Oh my goodness! Safe travels! Look forward to all the pictures!
    XO Carrie


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