Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping My Closet – No Need to Buy

A short scheduled post today cause the rest of the posts this week will be all from my closet and diving deep...
This is just a taste...
Want to start with one of my favorite coats. I got this 7 years ago or so and felt it was the coolest thing ever. It never gets cold enough in San Diego to wear this but I traveled to Boston, Chicago and primarily to NYC for work all the time so it was justified. I remember wearing it to visit my brother at college, West Point. It was uniform day and all the cadets were dressed in camouflage and I was in this white coat. Every picture looks like a photo shoot cause I stand out so ridicilously! Loved it of course!
And now with 'shearling' so in trend, I am hoping to grasp the coldest day here and wear this puppy.
Coat from Bebe...

I love mustard! It is not as big of a color as the others in my closet so I am covering it here instead of a post on its own that will be coming up this week. I actually have a short sleeved t-neck in mustard color but couldn't find it in my closet when I was doing the photos. It bothers me now. 
Included my soooo old pancho here as well. I kept this thinking the cape/pancho trend will be back in style and it sure is!
 Pancho is very old so have no idea where it is from. The pants and scarf Forever 21, the skirt Anthropologie, the tights 'we love colors'.

Forgot to photo this mustard SS jacket:

Mustard Cords:

Found this top after the group photo:

Also forgot this mustard colored tank I had:

Every season I seem to add a new color to my skinny pant/jean collection. I wear them so often and love how comfy they are in stretchy material. At F21 under $15 prices they are hard to pas son but they go fast.
Here we have burgundy and mustard cords, lavender, peach, red, electric blue and magenta pink jeans! 
All from Forever 21 except for the peach  ones which I thrifted...
Of course I also own black, white and brown but those were more basic colors.

Here are a few outfits with the colored pants (the rest will be later in the week):

Before the Lita's I already owned some items in this trend.
Here we have the two dresses, the mini skirt from my college days and the purse. The sleeveless dress is from a bazaar in Turkey, the other is from Forever 21.

Can be worn in Fall/Winter:

Or as is in Summer:

And here are some outfit versions with the other plaid dress:

And lets not forget my vast plaid shirt collection:
B/W: Target, Red: Gap, Rest Forever 21

And here are some example outfits with these shirts...You can see they can be worn, summer or winter...

I only had one item in this category which is my animal print flats. So added the new clutch to the photo...

Now stay tuned for a whole group of 'Welcome to My Closet' series schedule to post this week...

The sunglasses & bangle - Forever 21, necklace - old, Watch - Michael Kors

Here is an outfit with the necklace:

Tomorrow is 'feathers and fur'!


  1. I am loving these posts! It is amazing that if we just shop our closets all of the items we can find. Love all your colored pants :) Heather

  2. Love this post! Your fashion sense is inspiring. I find myself being a bit more adventurous with my fashion choices, thanks to you. :)

  3. I'm loving the mustard pieces for fall!!

  4. I love all these trends. You have some really great pieces!

  5. I'm loving the oode to yellow in your closet! This is a cool post! Really makes one want to stop shopping and actually take inventory in one's own closet!!!


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