Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome to My Closet – Feathers & Fur

I absolutely love feathers and was so happy when they started becoming trendy last year. I seem to accumulate more and more in the necklace and earring area the most. They just add so much coolness to any outfit. Thought my wrought iron staircase was a perfect backdrop to display these. My son helped me too.

 This is such a pretty piece from Forever 21. Two lines on each side hang loose while three in the middle sits like a necklace.The turquoise blue, orange, red and coral colors are so pretty together.

This was a piece from Thread show couple years back when feathers were not widely found like today. 

This is another F21 piece in blue and brown and so pretty but the length is a bit odd. Needs the right top to wear it.

I love this white and gold one from Bebe. Found it on clearance for $10. You don't see white that often and that is what appealed to me.
This gorgeous one was a great find from F21. Came in multiple colors but I love this heather grey. This is also a challenging piece to wear. I found it only looks right if you wear it over a top that comes up high in the neck. If it is open the feathers kind of fall in between the chest and do not look right.

This one I thought was a black feather necklace but when it came in the mail realized it was peacock feathers. Cute though right?

 I have been searching for black feather earrings. And finally found these at the Thread Show last Sunday. My friend figured out a way to make them more full and shorter as well, so happy about that.

 These hot pink ones are a bit out there from GirlProps. But for the right outfit they add a lot of cool color.

Told you I was a sucker for white feathers. This was purchased with the black pair from Thread Show on Sunday. 

I also own this peach feather necklace but currently it fell behind my dresser:

 This is also a Sunday Thread Show purchase. It is a cuff bracelet and the feathers come half way up to your hand. It looks really cool which is hard to tell. I should have done a photo with it on.

These are my headbands with feathers. The peacock one is a gift from my mom. The purple one I got 2 years ago to wear at my cousin's wedding. Another thread show purchase.

And now the FURs
 Quite a collection for someone living in Southern CA don't you think?

 This cape is a left over from my mom's old thrift store inventory.

This one also and very vintage. My mom re-stored these and added new lining etc so they are in great shape.

This one was my original only piece. Inheritance from my grandmother which is the only reason I wear real fur cause it is hers. It really is a beauty and looks amazing on. The cut is just perfect.

 This pretty (subtly striped) crop purple jacket was a F21 clearance find for $13!!!

The rabbit hair guess coat is at least 10 years old and still feels and looks great.

This is a Kenar vest my mom found for me at Marshall's. The fur is great quality!

 This Guess down parka was purchased so many years ago and I have used it so much. Looks great over casual clothes as well as dressy clothes...

This fur trimmed hoodie was a great find from F21 years ago. Love the chunkiness and the print...

 I use these faux fur scarves and collars so much to turn any outfit into chic!

As you will see from the outfits below the possibilities with these are endless:

This mink pom pom shawl was a thrift store find. Very cute and cozy....

And you all know my fur trimmed wedges. I simply take the detachable trim off during summer. Such versatility...
I forgot about the fur belt until I saw this photo.


  1. I have never been a big fan of fur, but some of the pieces you photographed and styled are amazing! You may have changed my mind :)


  2. Love all the feathers and fur - big fans of both :)

  3. I looove your yewelry!!!!

  4. Feathers and fur! What more can a girl need :) An absolutely awesome collection!

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