Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome to My Closet – Everything Plum

The color that is more in this season is 'wine'. As I was looking through items in these colors I realized how many different shades there are and how many different names are used:


Can you think of any more?

This top is another old work item. From Bebe:

The Purple Fur Coat you already saw couple days ago:

The mink pom pom trim shawl again you saw in the 'feathers and fur' post...

This purple blouse from Bebe has a very flattering cut. I originally bought it to wear with black tuxedo pants for evening/clubbing. That was pre-blogging days. Now I like to mix it up during the day as well...

This top is from Turkey from years ago. I love the silver graphic on it. I originally bought it to pair over a silver sequined tank.
Here also paired with purple ribbed tights:

 The Old Navy Scarf and the Gap Sweater are such different shades aren't they? The sweater is almost blue purple...
Here is the scarf adding a pop of color:

And here tied as a belt:

And here is the sweater:

This tunic sweater is from Forever 21 and very old. I wore it a lot years ago but apparently have not worn it for a while as I couldn't find any outfits with it.

I love these light purple platform heels from Steve Madden:
Can be worn during the day:

Or at night:

This huge Via Spiga tote is thrift find by mom. She thought I could use it as a diaper bag but it is so roomy that I use it for an overnight bag.

 This Christian Dior sunglasses were a Nordstrom Rack find a few years back. I wear them more with my hot pink cover up dress over swim suit during summer. The necklace is even ages older than that. Haven't worn it in a while.

These mini wedges are a new purchase and haven't been worn yet. Ordered them when I was getting the Lita's from Lulu's...

Here are some outfits with my tights:
Purple Ribbed tights:

And Burgundy tights:

The Forever 21 Burgundy cords and the pretty peacock scarf from Turkey:

 These slacks are again very very old from Forever 21. They were for work years ago...
This is also showcasing the shrug I totally forgot to include in the group shot.

This Mango Pencil skirt is a great shade of deep purple but it is at dry cleaner's right now:
This YesStyle Dress as you might have remembered I thought was going to be red but came out burgundy and a bit shorter than I would like. Still I have found ways to wear it in colder and warmer weather:

Hope you enjoyed all my purples, wines, plums and burgundy's...

Stay tuned tomorrow for 'Animal Prints & Lizard Skins'!


  1. Love this one since any shade of purple is my favorite! Your new purple wedges are so cute!


  2. Purple in any shade (or name) is great. I especially like that first set of heels. Nice!

  3. I'm a big Purple fan also! :) I'm looking forward to the next post, animal prints are so fun! :)

  4. it's weird...i never really think of purple as being a color that i like, but i have tons of it in my closet! guess i really do like it! wearing a purple top today! love the all white with purple shoes!



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